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  • Match the search results: Oregano oil has been used in folk medicine over centuries.[10] Oregano essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the oregano plant. Although oregano or its oil may be used as a dietary supplement, there is no clinical evidence to indicate that either has any effect on human health.[1…

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  • Match the search results: Oregano herb plants are commonly used for cooking. Plants can be harvested anytime once they have reached 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm.) tall. Harvesting oregano leaves as flower buds form will often yield the best flavor. Harvest oregano leaves in the morning hours once dew has dried.

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  • Match the search results: Use fresh oregano leaves in tomato sauces, soups and stews. Sprinkle dried oregano on top of pizzas and add to tomato sauces and salads. Dried oregano leaves have a stronger flavour than fresh leaves.

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  • Match the search results: Root rot, spider mites, and aphids can all attack oregano. Be sure oregano is well drained to prevent disease, and pick off any browning or spotted foliage. In the garden it is easy to mistake an oregano plant for look-alike sweet marjoram, although the two are easily distinguished by their flavours…

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  • Match the search results: Oregano should not be confused with marjoram, also called sweet marjoram. Marjoram is a subspecies of oregano. Marjoram is delicate flavored when compared to oregano. It has a sweet, floral fragrance. While oregano is used early in the cooking process (especially dried oregano), marjoram is best add…

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  • Match the search results: Oregano grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. It will also grow in rocky soil, though. Native to the Mediterranean and Europe, oregano can thrive in areas with tough growing conditions. If you have swampy or heavy soil, plant oregano in a container or raised bed.

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common oregano

Oregano, orcommon oregano, is a perennial, woody, branching bushy member of the familymint family, Lamiaceae. Widely used in a variety of dishes, it is known for its strong earthy aroma.

The Italian-American staple, oregano is found in everything from pizza and barbecue to marinades and salad dressings, with delicious results.

In fact, we like it very much,according to several sourcesAmericans consume over 14 million pounds of this delicious herb each year.

A vertical picture of an oregano plant growing in the garden with bright green foliage, fading to soft focus in the background. To the top and bottom of the frame is green and white text.

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Native to the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, oregano grows 1 to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide when mature.

Its leaves are oval and fragrant. The small edible flowers are pink, lavender or white on spikes in mid to late summer. The flowers have a milder flavor than the leaves and are a great addition to summer salads.

Hardy inUSDA Region5-10, this plant can be grown as an annual in more northern climates.

Let’s find out how you can add this easy-to-grow herb to your garden.

What you will learn

  • Agriculture and history
  • spread
  • How to develop and better use
  • Development tips
  • Choice of cultivars
  • pest control
  • Harvest
  • To preserve
  • Recipes and cooking ideas
  • Quick Reference Development Guide

You can find oregano mistakenly referred to by any name with “marjoram”, including sweet winter marjoram, wild marjoram, sweet wild marjoram… You get the picture.

A close up vertical picture of a Origanum vulgare plant that has started flowering with delicate, tiny white blooms on a green soft focus background.

However, while both are members of the mint family,Marjoram is actually a different specieswith botanical nameO. majorana.

To add a little more confusion, there are also two other herbs, unrelated to “oregano” in their names. Mexican oregano isLippia Tombolens, a member of the verbena family. Check out our complete guide togrow mexican marjoram.

AndCuban oregano, Plectranthus amboinicus, which is a member of the mint family, has a characteristic camphor or menthol-like aroma.

Several different types ofO. vulgarisare available, all with slightly different flavor profiles.

The most common type used in American cooking is GreekO. vulgarissubsp.hirtum, – formerly classified as its own species,O.heracleoticum- and Italian varieties.

Italian cultivars sold commercially are generally hybrids betweenO. vulgarisandO. Majorricum, resulting in a milder and less intense flavor than the Greek variety.

Syrian oregano,O. syriacum, another species, is native to the Middle East. With its intense aromatic notes, it is a popular addition to za’atar spice blends.

Agriculture and history

Greece, which produces so much good in our universe, also gave us oregano. In ancient Greece, the aromatic herb was described as “the joy of the mountain” and was thought to have been created by the goddess Aphrodite.

A close up of a large patch of Origanum vulgare plants growing in the garden with soft green foliage fading to soft focus in the background.

The inhabitants of the cradle of democracy also believe that oregano leaf brings good luck and good health. In this centuries-old culture, this herb symbolizes joy and is often grown near homes to ward off evil spirits.

The conquering Romans appreciated this culinary herb and took it with them, spreading it until they invaded territory after territory.

Interestingly, oregano is not widely available in the United States.until the return of soldiers stationed in Italy from World War IIand flavor the herb they love in their pizza sauce.


Oregano can be propagated from seeds, cuttings, or by dividing existing plants.

From seed

Sow directly outdoors when daytime temperatures reach 70°F. Place the seeds on the ground and lightly press the seeds against the surface. Do not cover the small seeds – they need light to germinate, this will take about 4 days.

Sow seeds in rows about 20 inches apart and sow seeds as thin as 8 inches.

You can alsoStart sowing seeds indoorsat any time of the year, as long as you have a sunny location orgrow the light. Transplanting should be done in the garden when the danger of frost has passed.

Keep in mind that saved seeds may not produce the same seedling as the parent plant. You will have to reduce to get there.


In the spring, use asharp knifeor garden shears to cut 4-5 inch segments of soft wood at a 45 degree angle. Remove the leaves at the bottom two inches.

Place the cuttings in water orpeat mossand vermiculite mixes. Change the water every two or three days, if you choose that option. If you are growing in a soilless mix, be sure to keep it moist at all times.

Place the cuttings in a lighted area, but not in direct sunlight.

The cuttings will be ready to transplant in 4 to 5 weeks, when the roots are about an inch long.

Original parts

Oregano plants are vigorous and easy to divide. The best time to do this is in the spring or early fall, when the ground is still warm.

Simply dig up an existing plant and cut it across the root ball into two or more segments, then replant the branches in a pot or another area of ​​your garden. For more information see oursPerennial Dividing Guide.

How to develop and better use

Like those vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, oregano likes full sun. The plant also needs well-drained soil with a pH between 4.5 and 8.7, but the soil does not need to be changed anything special. For example, sand humus is good.

A close up of the leaves of the Origanum vulgare plant growing in the garden in bright sunshine, on a soft focus background.

Quite tolerant of hot and dry conditions, oregano appreciatesone inch of waterevery week; Make sure the soil is completely dry between waterings. For this reason, it also grows very well in containers, where the soil tends to dry out more quickly.

O. vulgarisno need for additional fertilization.

In addition to its culinary uses, oregano also makesvery nice ground cover. It also makes an attractive border facade and looks great in rock gardens. Some gardeners grow it in containers, where it spills over the sides beautifully.

This plant can grow for a long time if you don’t cut it or harvest the leaves often enough. So even if you don’t plan on making pizza sauce every night, be sure to prune them regularly throughout the spring and summer to encourage bushy growth.

A close up of a wooden bowl containing dried oregano, with freshly harvested sprigs to the right of it, set on a wooden surface.

If you want more plants, you can let it bloom and seed in mid to late summer, as it reproduces easily.

If you want more control over this than just letting the birds and wind handle the seeding for you, collect the seed tips when they’re completely dry, shake them into a paper bag or envelopes, and store away. them in a cool, dark place until you are ready to plant.

A vertical picture of an Origanum vulgare plant with tiny, delicate white flowers, growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine on a soft focus background.

In cooler regions, you can prune them just after the first frost, andmuch coveredaround and on your tree; they will return to their youth.

Development tips

  • Planted in full sun
  • Be careful not to overwater
  • Prune before sowing for fuller form

Choice of cultivars

Most garden centers or nurseries stock seeds or seedlings available for transplanting. Here are some options from our trusted affiliates:


‘Cleopatra’, winner of the All-American Selection Edible Award in the Vegetable category in 2015, has a milder, milder minty flavor than the Greek or Italian varieties.

With attractive silver-gray foliage and tiny white flowers, it doubles as a garden ornament.

A close up of the leaves of the 'Cleopatra' variety of Origanum vulgare on a soft focus background.

‘Queen Cleopatra’

With the habit of climbing, tracking, it is also suitable for developmentin the herb garden, turn it upside down as a fragrant, edible ground cover or in patio pots to warm it indoors on sunny windowsills.

The pack of 500 seeds isavailable at Burpee.


This classic, with its signature spicy earthy flavor, is perfect for adding to many dishes.

A close up of the Greek variety of Origanum vulgare showing its small green leaves. To the bottom right of the frame is a circular logo and white text.

O. vulgare subsp. hirtum

This is considered by many to be the “true oregano”, and if you let it bloom, it has pretty white flowers too.

Find seeds with different quantities toO. vulgarissubsp.hirtum by True Leaf MarketWhereThe Eden brothers.

Learn more about growing Greek oregano here.

hot and spicy

A Greek oregano, “Hot and Spicy” is, as the name suggests, a more feisty classic. With a strong, slightly bitter flavor, it pairs well with salsas and hot pepper dishes.

This variety grows in mounds, with small, delicate pink flowers emerging in mid-summer.

A close up top down picture of the 'Hot and Spicy' variety of Origanum vulgare growing in a container, fading to soft focus in the background.

‘Hot and Spicy’

In spring, the fragrant leaves are reapplied, becoming more gray-green as the season progresses.

Live plants are available in packs of 3by Burpees.


With slightly larger leaves than the Greek variety, Italian oregano has a slightly aromatic flavor and is used as a more subtle addition to sauces, soups and stews.

This variety is hardwood and upright, averaging 18 inches tall, with a 20 inch wide canopy.

The flowers appear in early to mid-summer and can be pink, purple or white.

A close up of a sprig of Italian oregano on a white background.

italian oregano

It is also sometimes called “true marjoram”, depending on who you ask.

The plants in pack 3 areavailable at Burpee.

pest control

Although oregano doesn’t usually suffer from serious insect or disease problems, there are some annoying things to watch out for.


These are the main pests that can cause some problems for your oregano plant.

Drawing pins (Aphidoidea)

Use water or insecticidal soap to get rid of small, soft-bodied, pear-shaped pests that suck up plant life. They cause speckled leaves that turn yellow or brown and wilt, stunt growth and can even kill your plants.

OtherMethods of dealing with bedbugson oregano is for introductionbeneficial insects like ladybugs, which are naturally drawn to plants and love to eat those nasty bugs.

Leaf Painter (Lyriomyzaspp.)

Charming caterpillars leave narrow white streaks or white streaks on the leaves. These 1/8 inch long flies can be yellow, dark gray or black. Fly larvae feed on the inner side of leaves.

Spray neem oil to get rid of these pests.

Learn more about identifying and controlling enchantment worms here..

Mites (Tetranychidae)

Although these tiny insects are so small that you can’t see them clearly, you’ll likely notice tiny cobwebs dotted with white spots if you’ve been infested with them.

A close up of a plant infested with tiny spider mites, on a soft focus background.

They damage plants by sucking up the fluids, causing the leaves to turn brown and fall from the tree.

Treat mite infestations with a neem oil spray.

Find more information on how to control dust mites here.


Rusty Mint (Puccinia menthae) is a fungal disease that can cause oregano plague. Look for small orange, brown or yellow bumps on the undersides of the leaves.

This disease can cause new growth to fade, large areas of leaf tissue can die and fall off.

Try treating mint rust with a fungicide. If the damage is extensive, you may need to uproot and destroy the affected plants.


When the plant is at least 45 days old, you can start harvesting the leaves or branches. If you cut, be sure to leave at least one set of leaves on the stem for the plant to regrow.

A close up top down picture of Origanum vulgare growing in the garden with droplets of water on the surface of the leaves, fading to soft focus in the background.

If an arctic explosion is imminent and you must harvest or discard your crop, cut the tree to the ground and bring the trunk home to dry.

To preserve

You have several options for storing oregano leaves.

You can use a dehydrator if you have one. If you don’t already know, check out this guide for the best dehydrators on the market today.on our sister site, Foodal.

Or you can hang the branch bunches in a cool, dry place. Place a perforated paper bag over the inflorescences to catch any debris and to keep leaf dust out.

A close up of a bunch of freshly harvested Origanum vulgare with the stems tied together with string, set on a rustic wooden surface.

Store the dried leaves in an airtight plastic or glass container in a cool, dark place. They will keep the flavor for about six months.

Or why not try making an oregano leaf infused oil? It’s an easy way to spice up salad dressings, dip into sandwiches, or even share your harvest with friends.Our sister site, Foodal, with full instructions.

Recipes and cooking ideas

The taste of oregano leaves particularly matches the flavor of garlic andfresh tomatoes, and all three rely heavily on Italian cuisine, probably since the herb first made the short journey across the Ionian Sea from Greece to Italy.

So let’s start our oregano culinary delights with grilled eggplant rollatini with lemon zest ricotta,from our sister site, Foodal.

A close up of a white plate containing a freshly baked dish of Italian eggplant, topped with mozzarella cheese. To the left is a small blue ceramic bowl containing grated parmesan cheese.Photo by Fanny Slater.

Oregano pairs beautifully with other herbs in this comforting Italian bite.

Continuing the Mediterranean tour, head to Greece with this roast chicken recipe with tomato and feta salad,also from Foodal.

A top down close up picture of a chicken gyros dish, a flatbread with roast chicken, topped with feta cheese and other condiments. To the right is a small white bowl with a cucumber and tomato salad, and herb leaves scattered around. The background is a wooden surface.Photo by Fanny Slater.

Back in the States, what does the Citrus Roast Chicken taste like? The same goes for this Foodal.

A close up top down picture of a roasted chicken breast with a slice of lemon on the top, with couscous mixed with tomato and zucchini, on a white ceramic plate, set on a wooden surface.Kelli McGrane’s photo.

Lemon and honey combine with oregano leaves and other herbs to create a satisfying main dish.

Quick Reference Development Guide

Plant type: perennial herbs Tolerance: Drought, scorching sun
Root for: Mediterranean and Middle East Water demand: Average
Hardiness (USDA Zone): 5-10 Maintenance: Average
Season: summer The type of soil: Medium
Exposure: full sun Soil pH: 4.5-8.7
Ripening time: 45 days Floor drainage: Good drainage
Rate of growth: Medium To attract: Flowers attract bees
Distance: Single shaft: 7 inches; row: 5 inches with 9 inch row spacing Planting companion: Broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, squash, tomatoes
Planting depth: Seeds: surface sown under diffused light from the ground; implant: same depth as container Family: They are flamboyant
Height: 12-24 inches Spend: Oregano
Lan: 18-24 inches Species: rude
Common pests: Aphids, charming worms, spider mites Common diseases: rusty mint

An easy-to-grow aromatic addition to the vegetable garden

This aromatic herb is one of the most used herbs in American cooking, and how lucky are we that it’s so easy to grow?

It is not particularly soil tolerant and can tolerate drought, heat and even quite cold temperatures. Prune to encourage the bush and protect against some minor pests. That’s all to have it.

A close up of an Origanum vulgare plant growing in the garden in bright sunshine fading to soft focus in the background.

Do you grow marjoram in your garden? Feel free to share your tips and suggestions in the comments section below.

If you plant aherb garden, then you will need these instructions:

  • Rosemary: how to grow this classic garden herb
  • Grow common sage, a Mediterranean staple
  • How to Raise a Hunting Dog
  • How to Grow Parsley in Your Herb Garden

Photo by Fanny Slater and Kelli McGrane © Ask the Experts, LLC. COPYRIGHT REGISTERED. See our T&Cs for more details. Originally published March 7, 2020. Last Updated: December 31, 2021 06:52. Product images via Burpee, Eden Brothers and True Leaf Market. Unverified photo: Shutterstock. With additional writing and editing by Allison Sidhu and Clare Groom.

Popular questions about where does oregano grow

where does oregano grow?

Mediterranean countries

Where does oregano grow best?

full sun
Where to Plant Oregano. Oregano grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. It will also grow in rocky soil, though. Native to the Mediterranean and Europe, oregano can thrive in areas with tough growing conditions.

Is oregano grown in the US?

Oregano, Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum also referred to as O. heracleoticum and O. hirtum, is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and central Asia and has naturalized in the eastern United States.

Is oregano grown in Australia?

Oregano loves the hot, dry South Australian summers and can tolerate the cold wet winters. This beautiful perennial herb is an easy-to-grow ground cover that fits comfortably into landscaping or the veggie garden.

Is oregano grown in UK?

Greek oregano, as it is often called, will grow quite happily in many UK gardens, though as it is a half-hardy annual it will not usually survive a UK winter. There are a variety of different oregano types, some of which will do better than others in the northern reaches of the UK.

Does oregano like full sun?

Oregano prefers a sunny spot; however, in zone 7 and farther south, it benefits from a little afternoon shade. Set plants in well-drained soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0.

Does oregano spread like mint?

If left alone, oregano, like mint, can spread rapidly. In other words, they spread like them. Even as seedlings, they can germinate before they come in contact with the soil. As a result, they can spread and quickly establish dominance over your garden.

Is oregano part of the mint family?

It is astounding that so many of our most popular and valuable herbs – including what I would consider the majority of the finest culinary herbs – are in the mint family. They include basil, thyme, lavender, lemon balm, oregano, sweet marjoram, rosemary, sage, savory, summer savory, anise hyssop, and germander.

Is oregano good for lungs?

Oregano contains compounds like carvacrol and terpenes that help cleanse the lungs. It can also help reduce inflammation and congestion in the lungs and improve airflow. Drinking oregano tea daily may be helpful for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Is oregano poisonous?

In large doses, oregano oil may be toxic — and even lethal. Oregano may have diuretic effects. Large amounts of oregano can upset the stomach. Oregano oil may cause rash when applied to the skin.

Is oregano perennial in Australia?

Introducing Oregano

Oregano loves the hot, dry Western Australian summers and can tolerate the cold wet winters. This beautiful perennial herb is an easy-to-grow ground cover that fits comfortably into landscaping or the veggie garden.

How do you harvest oregano from the garden?

How long does it take to grow oregano?

Quick Reference Growing Guide
Plant Type: Perennial herb Drought, heat
Season: Summer Average
Exposure: Full sun 4.5-8.7
Time to Maturity: 45 days Well-draining
Growth Rate: Average Flowers attract bees

What is oregano called in UK?

wild marjoram
What’s known as wild marjoram in Britain is the species Origanum vulgare. It’s frequently known as oregano in Europe. It’s one of our staple herbs, but if you’re a gardener you’ll probably be familiar with it, too.10 thg 7, 2018

Will oregano survive winter UK?

Cold-hardy herbs, such as chives, mint, oregano, parsley, sage and thyme, can often survive cold-winter temperatures while continuing to produce flavorful foliage, as long as they are provided with some protection or grown indoors.

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We all love to sprinkle oregano over our pizzas and pastas as it adds a lot of flavor to the food. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could grow this herb in our very own kitchen garden? Watch this video and learn how to grow, take care of and propagate oregano.


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Easy to grow oregano! 5 Videos in one! Let’s grow oregano successfully! I’ll show you how you can propagate it from seed or division, best conditions for planting, how to care for it, some of the problems you may experience, how to dry, and some recipe ideas. I hope you can grow this wonderful, easy to grow, herb very soon!

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Here are some shots of our 4 types of Oregano along with some helpful growing info. Did you know that Oregano has medical uses? Skip to the last 30 sec or so for a write up on what you need to know to grow Oregano …. Thanks for watching \u0026 have a GREAT day!

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