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10 FREE Wren Bird House Plans for Spring DIY Projects

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  • Summary: Articles about 10 FREE Wren Bird House Plans for Spring DIY Projects This clever idea from is a unique way to make wren birdhouse placement a breeze. Since many wrens prefer their home to be …

  • Match the search results: You may not know this, but the Wren is one of the most common birds in North America, Europe and Asia. There are more than 10 species of Wren in the US alone, including: House, Carolina, Winter, Sedge, Marsh, Beewick, Rock, Cactus or Canyon Wren. Every wren will need a home, so pick a plan and befor…

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Wren House, Dimensions, Hole Size, Material Types

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  • Summary: Articles about Wren House, Dimensions, Hole Size, Material Types House Wrens are cavity nesting birds and will readily make use of man-made wren bird houses. Let’s face it, Wrens will nest in just about anything.

  • Match the search results: More information about our recommended Wren House can be found here: Woodlink Wren House

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Make Birdhouses for Nesting Wrens – The Spruce

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  • Summary: Articles about Make Birdhouses for Nesting Wrens – The Spruce Attract nesting wrens by using the best birdhouses that meet their needs. Includes tips for proper dimensions for wren houses.

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    Wrens are cavity-nesting birds, but while some wrens build their own elaborate structures, a few wren species will eagerly investigate artificial structures. House wrens, Carolina wrens, and Bewick’s wrens will all use birdhouses. Wrens can also be competitive and will aggressively chase away other…

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12 Wren Bird House Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

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  • Summary: Articles about 12 Wren Bird House Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures) A wren bird house only needs a certain dimension entrance hole, a door to clean out an old nest, a roof to discourage snow buildup, and a small …

  • Match the search results: A hole that is 1¼ inch in diameter or larger will possibly allow unwanted sparrows into your bird house. Keep the hole diameter at 1⅛ inch for house wrens, winter wrens and Bewick’s wrens.

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Wren Birdhouse Plans – perfect for Wrens and House Finches

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    These wren birdhouse plans are designed for wrens
    or house finches, but other small birds might find this
    particular design suitable for nesting.  This wren bird house is
    made from all natural western red cedar (painted blue only on the
    external surfaces).

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Wren Birdhouses – 70birds Birdhouse Plans Index

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  • Summary: Articles about Wren Birdhouses – 70birds Birdhouse Plans Index Carolina Wren Birdhouse. Make this nest box specifically for Carolina wrens. Other wrens and chickadees could use this box, however, Carolina wrens need the …

  • Match the search results: The swinging wren house loved by wrens, chickadees and even tree swallows. Suspend with wire, chain or rope or mount on a tree, post or wall with a screw through a keyhole in the back panel. See the Swinging Wren House page and view or print plans.

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Bird House: How to Build a Wren House – The Family Handyman

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  • Match the search results: Attract wrens and other songbirds to your yard with this durable birdhouse made from a plastic fence post. Wrens will nest in almost anything, but other birds have specific requirements for the entrance diameter and house cavity. If you’re trying to attract a particular type of bird to your yard, do…

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Wren Bird House – P&S Country Crafts

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  • Summary: Articles about Wren Bird House – P&S Country Crafts Entrance Hole from Bottom: 4¾” Features Hinged roof makes for easy clean-out. Shingled roof with a rubber center is designed protect the hinge while keeping …

  • Match the search results: The Bewick’s Wren and the House Wren prefer an entrance hole that is 1″ in diameter. The Carolina Wren prefers an entrance hole of 1⅛” in diameter. The Winter Wren can use any hole between 1″ and 2½”.

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Carolina Wren – NestWatch

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  • Summary: Articles about Carolina Wren – NestWatch All About Birdhouses. Carolina Wren … Carolina Wrens may also use nest boxes put out for other species, but this design is a “pseudocavity” which appeals …

  • Match the search results: Learn about Carolina Wren here.

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Multi-read content how to make a wren birdhouse

It’s time to start planning your birdhouse construction! A Wren birdhouse is the perfect starting point for those new to woodworking. We’ve rounded up 10 awesome free DIY plans so you can easily build an attractive home for your furry guests.

10 coolest diy wren bird house plans

You may not know it, but the flamingo is one of the most common birds in North America, Europe and Asia. There are over 10 species of Wren in the United States alone, including: House, Carolina, Winter, Sedge, Marsh, Beewick, Rock, Cactus, or Canyon Wren. Everyone will need a home, so choose a plan and before you know it, devastation will be upon your property!

No matter where you live, there is likely to be a population of roosters nearby because small birds are so common. This means that the chances of your homemade birdhouse being inhabited are quite high. In a few months there will be thousands of people looking for accommodation. The most attractive species for nesting boxes are House Wrens and Carolina Wrens, so pick a plan and welcome these adorable creatures to the neighborhood!

Top 10 Funniest DIY Ferret House Plans

Check out these FREE DIY birdhouse building plans for $3. Many of them are suitable for a troglodyte.

1. An advice plan

One Board Wren Birdhouse Plan

The first nest box plan dates fromCoopPlumes.

This traditionally shaped wispy birdhouse plan is ideal for DIYers who are new to woodworking. Birds don’t need fancy designs, so this simple pine aviary will be a comfortable choice for your neighborhood.

2. Plastic Fence Post Plan

Build a wren birdhouse from a plastic fence post

This clever idea offamilyhandyman.comis a unique way to make cage placement of a wren easier. Since many wreaths like their home hanging from a small tree, this style of aviary is perfect. Easy to make and easy to hang, your feathered friends will love this durable creation.

3. Diamond Shaped Birdhouse Plan

Diamond Shaped Birdhouse Plan for a Wren

Wrens will love this quirky diamond-shaped aviary. The plan is simple to follow, requires few tools, and includes pictures and measurements. You can choose a wood that already matches your decor to make the design more coherent, the garlands will appreciate your style!Built the.

4. Wren Bird House with side door

Wren bird house plan with an opening side

This Free Wren Aviary Plan byEmpressOfDirtis another project that only requires a piece of wood! The right birdhouse will encourage your ferns to raise their young on your property, and this design will keep predators out but invite the ferns to stay for a while.

5. Two Plans of Hanging Birdhouses

Wren Hanging Bird House Plans

Now, here are two birdhouse plans suitable for any backyard! Scroll down to find The Wren Nest Box, a classic design that has two entry options. The unusually grooved entrance allows the wreck to easily carry nesting objects such as long tree branches inside.

The Wren Cube hanging birdhouse (right) has built-in ventilation, which means your wren will be comfortable and safe.
Build them atThe report of the birds.

6. Wren Nest Box Package

Wren nest box plan

You will want to use a soft wood when building this birdhouse. word design70birds.comExpands up and down to fit the holes so you can attach it to the tree. It also has a hinged roof for easy cleaning when emptied in the fall.

7. Wren House Plan Permit Chart

License Plate Wren Bird House Plan

In case you were wondering, here’s how to build a cave aviary using license plates as a roof! These fun birdhouses serve as decorations for your garden. Not only dofeelmagnet.cominclude great photographs to accompany their instructions, there’s even an option to build a two-in-one birdhouse. It couldn’t be better than that!

8. Metal Coffee Canister Like House Wren

A wren house built from a metal coffee can

This creative idea becomes reality by reinforcing the plastic lids of everyday coffee cans. Add a few holes for ventilation and a coat of duck paint and you have the perfect house for a wren! Come to you for free fromIowa State University.

9. Wren Birdhouse from a can of soda

A wren birdhouse made from soda can

Who would have thought that your next aviary could be waiting for you in the recycling bin? Disguise a cleaned soda can with spray, foam, and a few other easy steps and watch your can transform into a mesmerizing home! Build it withTeacher.

10. Spacious Wooden Birdhouse Plan

A large wren wooden box

These large aviaries range from spacious mansions to a small troglodyte. Easy to hang or mount, the free frilly birdhouse plan fromfreewoodpuzzles.comis an easy-to-follow guide to creating simple yet impactful work for your garden.

With this scheme, the authors decided to place an opening unusually close to the bottom… but hey, you’ll never know unless you try.

Photo by Wren.

North America House WrenN.American House Wren. Photo credit: S. King, US NPS

Eurasian House WrenEurasian Wren. Image credit: Andreas Trepte under Creative Commons license

Wrens sings a great song and House of Destruction isn’t afraid to live next to everyone else, so don’t miss your chance to have a cute, squishy friend in the backyard.

Look at this Carolina Wrensing and enter its nest box. Ahh, what a beautiful song! Just another reason to attract this little bird to your garden or yard.


Before you build and furnish your home, learn a few things about getting it right.

Wren Birdhouse Pit Size

From what we have gathered on the internet, it is recommended that opening a wren aviary beno more than 1 inch in diameter for House Wrens and no more than 1-1/8 in diameter for Carolina Wrens.

Although quite large for a small fern, such a small hole can prevent sparrows and other birds from entering.

How to build a cave cage

The wren builds nests in any type of hole, not just in a wooden box. You should therefore consider all types of structures – as we have provided free plans below. But if you are going to build a wooden birdhouse, here are the recommended dimensions for a wooden box:

House Wren:
Base: 4″ x 4″ or 4″ x 6″
Height: 8″
Hole diameter: 1″, center 6″ bottom
Location: 5 to 10 high on a pole or hanging from a tree branch
Source:National Wildlife Federation

Carolina Wren:
Base: 7″ x 7″
Height: 7″
Hole Diameter: 1-1/8″

Note: the wreck does not need a roost! They just want to find that loophole, look, and get in.

Don’t forget to drill a few small holes in the bottom to make a drain.

What we recommend you do to maximize your chances of attracting a rooster is to build two or three different house styles and see which one gets picked.

Wren birdhouse location

Attracting wreckage isn’t hard to do, but it takes strategy and foresight. You want to place your aviary in a safe place and attract corpses. Carolina wrens tend to prefer shady homes between trees, while house wrens will prefer an aviary hanging from a small tree or post in the center of your garden or along the boundary of a large garden. . Most airplane wrecks don’t mind a bit of human activity, so you can also set up an aviary on the side of your house, just avoiding high-traffic areas.
Source:National Wildlife Federation

To attract corpses, place your aviary at the edge of a forest, in a clearing, or near a swampy area. Having plenty of shrubs and trees will make it easier for the corpse to find insects to eat. Wrecks being very territorial, it is best not to place your aviaries next to each other. 100 feet away will suffice.

Wrens will always prefer housings mounted or hung 5-10 feet around. If you choose to set up your birdhouse, using a metal post instead of a wooden post provides additional security from predators. Alternatively, a bulkhead can be placed at the bottom of a wooden post to prevent animals from climbing up and attacking your wreck. For those who live in snake infested areas, you should wrap your posts with deer or bird netting, metal baffles and stakes will not keep the snakes from starving.
Source:University of Vermont

Get your birdhouse in early spring, March is ideal.

Carolina Wren. Specificities of the nest box

Similar to the House Wren, the Carolina Wren is quite accustomed to human presence and often lives near human activity. In fact, they are known for their nesting roles in many man-made objects, including birdcages, buckets, and even shoes. To attract a Carolina Wren to your aviary instead of an unwanted bird, set up your aviary in mid-March before the breeding season begins.

Carolina Wrens doesn’t mind a swaying house, so you can mount or hang the box on a tree, but face prevailing winds as they are very susceptible to cold. Avoid placing aviaries near areas that use a lot of pesticides and choose forests, clean pruning, and dense vegetation so they can feed easily. If you have a large enough yard it is a good idea to place more than one house so the birds can choose the most suitable spot, just keep them at least 100 feet apart because carrion is known to be extremely dangerous territory. .

What to do when the box is busy

You really don’t need to do much when your birdhouse is occupied, as long as you’ve made enough holes for ventilation and drainage beforehand. Wrens will arrive in early spring, males will establish nests by collecting stems. Usually the males will identify more than one nesting site and the female will choose her favorites and add soft materials such as feathers for egg laying comfort.

Most wrecks lay 5-6 eggs at a time and incubate for 12-15 days. It takes about 16 or 17 days for the chicks to fledge and leave the nest. After the cub has left, you can empty the box because the corpse will not feed a second cub in the same nest.

Bad habit

Garbage is good to have in the garden as it burrows under leaves and debris to catch insects. Flies nest in compartments, so they house more than just boxes, they can be found in buckets, cans, and any other enclosure that keeps them cool throughout the breeding season. The average lifespan of a wren is 5 to 10 years.

These energetic birds are agile, they fly fast and close to the ground. They are famous as vocal birds, specializing in singing complex songs, both solo and in pairs. Wrens are also very territorial, so it’s best to keep boxes a few hundred yards apart to avoid conflicts with other birds.
Source:Iowa State University of Science and Technology

How to stop Wren’s house sparrows.

What to do if sparrows chase the wreckage of your plane? These are the ideas we collected from the web.

There are many ways to deal with unwanted sparrows invading a gorse’s home, starting with the entry hole. The size of the hole for the gorse should not exceed an inch in diameter (or an inch and an eighth for a Carolina fern), anything larger than this will invite the sparrow to settle in and take the relay.

It’s best to go to a bird supply store and buy some metal pieces to reduce the hole size if your hole is too big. Some sparrows peck a hole to widen the hole and get in, so metal pieces work better than just adding more wood.

Also avoid beans. A perch might seem like a cute addition to a gorse opening, but most plane wrecks don’t even use it. In fact, a roost can be dangerous for your wreck. Piercings make it easy for predators and sparrows to enter, so you should avoid them to keep your wrens safe and comfortable.

Finally, since sparrows like to have a higher roar, you should not lower your box higher than 3 to 6 feet off the ground.

You can tell if a sparrow has entered your gorse’s home by opening the door to your aviary and inspecting the nest. Sparrows build traditional cup-shaped nests made mostly of twigs, while sparrows weave feathers, long grass, ropes, etc. into a large ball, then make a tunnel through it, usually taking up the entire box.

If a sparrow invades your wren’s home, simply remove the nest, discard it, and try the steps above to keep it from coming back.

Popular questions about how to make a wren birdhouse

What is the best birdhouse for Wrens?

House wrens are happy with an 8-inch-tall house with a 4- by 6-inch base, while a chickadee birdhouse should be 8-inches tall with a 5- by 5-inch base. Bluebirds need more room, so a box that’s 5-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches and 10 inches tall is perfect.

How do you make a wren bird box?

Materials and Wood Cuts
  1. (1) 48″ piece of plain, untreated wood. …
  2. (1) 2×2″ scrap of wood to create the baffle block (an extra piece of wood that helps keep predators out).
  3. 1 3/8″ galvanized wood screws or nails.
  4. Hinge (so you can open one side and clean out the box after each nesting season).

How do you make a wren house?

Wrens will use a house that has an entry hole dimension of 1 1/8 inches, any larger and house sparrows and other less desirable birds will use them. The floor should be 4 inches square and 3-6 inches below the entry hole. Do not add or buy any birdhouse with a perch.

Where is the best place to put a wren house?

Wrens and chickadees both prefer houses that are located in a sheltered area – under the shade and protection of tree branches is ideal. When possible, hang the house so that the entry hole faces away from incoming weather anywhere from 5-10 feet off the ground.

What month do house wrens nest?

House wrens usually attempt their first nest in early May, shortly after arriving in the spring. And nesting continues well into August. I’ve found active nests as late as Aug.

Do wrens need a perch on birdhouse?

Wren houses should not have perches or large entrance holes. This is important for Wrens, because adding these will give other birds easier access to their home. Avoid birdhouses with flat roofs. Wren houses should have roofs that are at least slightly slanted so they shed water and keep the nest dry.

How do you make a simple birdhouse?

What size hole should be in a wren birdhouse?

Ideally, the entrance hole should range from 1 1/8 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Entrance Height: Wrens are active climbing birds and can happily use taller houses, but the ideal height of the entrance is 3-6 inches above the floor of the house.

What kind of nest do wrens build?

Nest site is in any kind of cavity, including natural hollows in trees and stumps, old woodpecker holes, crevices in buildings, often in nest boxes. May nest in almost any kind of enclosed space (flowerpots, parked cars, shoes, drainpipes, etc.).

Do wrens use nest boxes?

Wrens use open-fronted nest boxes and also existing cavities. The female builds the nest with a pile of twigs in the cavities they choose for nesting in.

How far apart should wren houses be?

100′ apart
Other wren species’ boxes must be firmly mounted. Box Installation Hang the box 5′-10′ above the ground, and space House Wren boxes at least 100′ apart. Box height is 8″. The entrance hole can be between 1″ to 1-1/8″ round diameter.

What do house wrens look like?

Small and compact, with a flat head and fairly long, curved beak. Short-winged, often keeping its longish tail either cocked above the line of the body or slightly drooped.

How do I attract wrens to my yard?

Suet, peanut butter, and shelled peanuts are other favorite treats, and they’re best offered in shallow dishes or tray feeders for easy access. Planting native berry-producing shrubs will also give wrens an attractive winter food source long after most insects have vanished.

How do you attract wrens to a wren house?

Wrens are attracted to houses made of almost any material, wood or plastic. Wren houses can be hung from low-lying tree branches, posts, outbuildings, the side of the house, or even from a rose bush. They sometimes even have roughened interior floors.

Should wren houses be cleaned out each year?

Maintaining Your Wren House

However, you will want to inspect and clean the house at least once a year. The best time for cleaning a birdhouse is in the autumn months after the babies have left the nest, and you are sure not to disturb any nearby birds.

Video tutorials about how to make a wren birdhouse

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Building another bird house. This time, I decided to build a Wren bird house. I think it turned out pretty good. I built two, one with the side door cleanout and one with a hinged roof cleanout.

Plans for bird house:




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Make a Nesting Box


Did you know each type of bird needs a different type of nesting box? Those generic store-bought boxes can actually be harmful. Unless they are designed properly, birds can get trapped in them or predators can get in.

Always buy nesting boxes from a speciality birding store to be safe.

I made the box you see here from plans in a great book. You can see the details on my blog. There’s plans for all sorts of nesting boxes, bird feeders, and bird baths.

The book has information on where to place nesting boxes (so they appeal to the right birds). I followed the instructions and within a day the wrens moved into this one.

You’ll notice that it’s untreated wood, there’s a predator block at the door, and the whole thing opens up so that, when nesting season is done, I can clean it out in preparation for the next brood. This is crucial for preventing disease.

Birding and hosting breeding families is a really fun hobby. Keep it safe and have fun!


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I have designed this wren house so you can attract the birds to your yard or to offer them a shelter in nature. You can easily build this house under 10 dollars, as it is super simple to make. You can reuse materials so you can keep the costs down.

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Learn to assemble an awesome wren-friendly bird house with the help of this kit from Bird’s Choice:


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