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How to make a standing Gnome. (an easy DIY) – – Baker Street …

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how to make standing gnomes –

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15 Easy DIY Christmas Gnomes For Porch – Family Meets Art

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Multi-read content how to make standing gnomes

Ever since the first capes hit the Christmas aisle stores, I was only looking for one. There’s always something I want to change with everything I see. In the end, I decided that I would make a standing man myself. Problem solved!

I have a few puppies sitting but I just think standing puppies are cute and they add some much needed height to meDisplay at Christmas.I add mineGnome Bootsand that’s right. If you prefer a shorter gnome, try itDIY Goblin Gnomeand dress up for a Christmas theme.

In this article, I’ve included a list of supplies, as well as resources, tips on choosing foam socks and balls, step-by-step instructions on how to make a standing gnome, and a link to my article .make gnome bootsfor your standing gnome and a short video tutorial. I also use our easyDIY model weightIn this project. These patterned weights are a great addition to any craft room.

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DIY long legged gnome

how to make Gnome shpoes and boots

Use oursEasy to make Cardboard Gnome Bootswhen you create your GNOME booth.

diy leprechaun gnome

Easy do-it-yourself leprechaun gnome

Crafts you will need to make standing gnomes

  • 6 inch foam ball
  • 2 –
  • 1/2 inch wood dowel
  • . (each cut to 7 inches in length)
  • 8 inches x 5 inches
  • piece of fabric (for the legs)
  • fake fur
  • (for the beard – color of your choice)
  • fleece fabric
  • (17″ x 12″) for the hat – resize if desired.
  • 4 inches
  • felt square
  • or stetchy fabric (for the nose)
  • loud bells
  • Where
  • Pom pom
  • (optional for the hat)
  • A
  • boyfriend
  • or big
  • wool or matte sock
  • . see below for advice on which socks to use or which type of socks (for the body)
  • 2
  • small black safety eyes
  • (used to make stuffed animals) or
  • small round beads
  • large wooden beads/balls for the nose
  • hat button (optional)
  • foam snowflakes
  • (optional hat decoration)
  • attached
  • elastic (small)
  • 20 gauge rope
  • – hat length plus 2 inches
  • stuffed polyfil
  • weight for gnome shoes
  • (note below)

This is a great opportunity to redo fabric scraps. Beards can be made from fur from an old coat or socks, hats and arms can be made from old sweaters, and it’s easy to recreate an outdated hat for the body.

Tools Needed to Create a Standing Gnome

  • The scissors
  • . Where
  • Rotary knife
  • and
  • cutting mat.
  • (if you don’t use a cutter)
  • board rule.
  • (If you don’t use a cutter)
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • hot knife
  • (optional)
  • x acto knife.
  • fabric glue
  • Where
  • Adhesive
  • cutting pliers
  • Sewing machine
  • (if not available – use
  • fabric combination glue
  • )

If you want to use a foam ball of a different size, adjust the pattern accordingly.

Tools needed if using a Cricut

This project will require a cutter capable of cutting fabric, such as the Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3.


  • Lawn mower
  • rotating blade (supplied with your machine)
  • carpet gripping cloth
  • Where
  • standard grip mat
  • .

A note on glue

In this tutorial, I used a variety of glues. I love using fabric glue on fabrics, but if you want to use hot glue for all applications, feel free. The only caveat is that some of the foam will melt when hot glue is applied. Be careful that it doesn’t sweat through your fabric.


If you purchased your wooden dowels at a home improvement store, such as Home Depot or Lowes, have them cut before leaving the store. Most Home Reno stores offer a free cutting service.

What kind of socks or hats can I use to hold the gnomes up.

Socks should be thick and stretchy and big enough to fit your foam ball.

The sock must be a sock (No heel or toe in the sock) as the toe of the sock will be visible on the finished stocking.

A tightly woven sock is fine. It will be stretched over the foam ball, so the tighter the weave, the more opaque it will be. If the sock has a thin weave, you’ll see through and the end result won’t be as appealing. A thick, fluffy sock is ideal if you can find one large enough for your foam ball.

Be careful with patterns. The stripes are cute on the legs, but if they’re on the body, they can look ragged if they’re not straight. The solid color that best suits the body or texture does not need to be combined.

Use hats- If your foam ball is large, most socks will not fit the ball. Use onewinter beanie style beanieis perfect. Carefully sew the seam of the hat. A short seam on a hat can be easily concealed on a large ball, but if the seam is too long, it won’t look as attractive on your hat.

For the foot.- I like to have a striped texture on the legs, to add character to the gnome. When using a patterned fabric, be sure to keep the fabric straight, especially if using a striped fabric.

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Get the right foam balls for your standing dwarfs.

There are generally three types of foam balls available at local craft stores. There are textured foam balls, smooth surface foam balls and floral foam balls.

Shiny rough surface foam,not dense and easy to prick, theynotThere is a risk of melting on contact with the hot glue. These are my least favorite because they melt, are lighter, and are more susceptible to damage when assembling my standing hats. If you use a hot knife to cut the pores, this foam will also melt on contact with the hot knife and become messy. If you use this bullet, use the X-Acto knife to cut the holes.

Soft foam ball, more dense and beautiful and smooth. They are better for our standing gnome project because the gnome’s body will be smoother when finished. Low temp hot glue can be used (most of the time) with these balls. The smooth surface is not easily damaged when applying a vertical gnome. These foam balls cut very well like a hot knife. This is the type of foam ball I used in this tutorial.

Floral foam balls are very lightweight. These are the softest foam balls of the three types. They are easy to damage when handled. They are perfect for projects like ourscedar balls,but I don’t recommend using them in standing gnomes.

Free printable templates and SVG crop files are available in our free resource library.

Enter the library with a passwordget password for resource library

How to make a standing gnome – step by step

Cut the pattern pieces

Use a printable template

Printable template provided – adjust to your foam ball size. The pattern is designed to be printed on standard 8.5×11 size paper.You may need to extend the base of the hat and make it a bit taller, depending on the ball size you have chosen..

For hats- Cut out a triangle whose base is a circle. Set hat patternin the foldsand cut with a rotary cutter on a cutting mat or with scissors. pin or usesample weightto hold the sample in place.

For the arms – cut four rectangles – each 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.

For the footCut two pieces of fabric 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.

For hands/gloves- cut out four fleece or felt gloves (2 for each hand)

Using a Cutter (Cricut Maker or Maker 3)

SVG – SVG cutting file providedin our resource library.

Upload designs to Cricut Design Space. If you get an incompatibility message, select OK.


Resize if necessary.

These sizes are for 6 inch screenscylindrical ball. If you choose to make a taller or smaller standing gnome, adjust the size accordingly.

Copy the following:

  • Hat – cut 2 (8.5 x 11.5 inches)
  • legs – cut 2 (2 x 8 inches)
  • severed arm 2 (2′ bu 4 inches)
  • 4 – (1.5” x 2.5) cutting gloves

SelectionDo it

how to make a standing gnome

Mark the hole on the foam ball

Place the wooden dowel on the surface and, using a pen or marker, draw around the dowel, marking where the pins will go.


Cut hole in foam ball

Use onehot knifeor onex acto knife,drill holes where the legs will go. A hot knife is the easiest way because it cuts a smooth line and allows for a smooth cut. If you don’t have a hot knife, an X-Acto knife will do, just a little extra work is enough.

My burning knife is aWalnut Hollow Hot Knife. This is a great product that cuts all types of foam and some vinyls easily and simply. If you’re making cosplay costumes, a hot knife is a must.

Glue the fabric to the pins of the legs

Using glue or fabric glue, run a bead of glue along the wooden dowel. Use a craft brush to apply glue to the wooden dowels. Glue the cut fabric pieces to the leg pins. If you are using fabric with a pattern, such as a throw or plaid, be sure to take the time to line up the pattern.

how to make a standing gnome - glue fabric onto legsMake a standing gnome – glue the fabric to the legs.

Let them dry completely.

Hats and sleeves

Right sides together, sew the side seam of the hat. Turn the right side and push the point up. If you usefabric combination glueinstead of sewing, let dry completely before turning right side out.

make a standing gnome - sew the hat

For each sleeve: Fold the sleeve in half right sides together (1 inch x 4 inches). Sew along the longer side and turn over.

how to make a standing gnome - sew hat and armsSew hat and sleeves together and turn to RS.

how to make a standing gnome - attach mittensAttach the gloves to the sleeves

Attaching the gloves: insert the gloves into the ends of the sleeves and use gluefabric combination glueor sewing. (I find the glue helps me keep the gloves straight.) Allow to dry completely.

Insert foam balls into hats or knitted socks

Place the ball inside the sock/hat and pull it closer to the ball.

If using caps, make sure the seams are centered on the bottom of the foam ball.

how to make a standing gnome - use zip tiemake a standing gnome – safety socks/hats with zip ties.

Using a zip tie, pull it tight over the top of the ball. (This will be hidden inside the gnome hat.) Cut the zipper, if necessary.

Cut small slits in the footprints on the ball

Use onex acto knife., cut small slits in the hat or socks where the leg seams will go. If using a hot knife, check the fabric of the hat. Everything that contains. nylon and spandex tend to melt and can leave messes.

how to make a standing gnome = cut leg slitsMake a standing gnome – cut the incisions in the legs

Use a textile binder orcheck for frayingSeal the edges of the fabric so that the incisions you just cut don’t bleed. This step is only necessary if the hat contains nylon and begins to melt or come off.

Make a gnome nose

Place the wood grain inside a 4-inch square of felt or batting. Roll it up and secure it with a rubber band.

How to make a standing gnome - make nose

Tie the nose

Using hot glue or fabric glue, attach the gnome’s nose to the ball where the nose is (as shown in the image below) leaving some of the fabric exposed above the nose. This will be where we add the eye.

Allow time to dry.

How to make a standing gnome - placement of face

Add eyes

Using fabric glue or a glue stick, glue your eyes just above the nose, fairly close together. Let your eyes dry completely

Tie the beard

Cut a triangle in the false hair for the beard. You can keep your beard as long or as short as you want.

Glue with hot glue on the underside of the nose and on the edge of the nose. (Like on the photo). The best way to do this is to cut an incision or a small triangle where the nose goes. I do not provide samples because the size of the slit or the triangle is different, depending on the size of the beard and the nose. Start small and expand as you cut to fit. Faux fur is very expensive and it is the best way to save money.


Roll up the brim of the hat / and secure it withfabric combination glue. Allow the edge to dry before applying makeup.

how to make a standing gnome - glue brimroll and glue gnome hat brim

Hat embellishment

This is your chance to add a personal touch when you make a standing gnome. You can add buttons, fabric patches, raffia bows, burlap or whatever you want to decorate your hat.

How to make a standing gnome - add hat embellishmentsAdd embellishments to the hat

Add a pompom or a bell at the top of the hat.

Tuck the hat and insert the rope

Add enough pfilled with oly-filon the hat to make it stand up, but don’t overdo it.

Bend the end of your rope (so it doesn’t stick out the top) and tuck it into the hat, so that the bent end of the rope is just at the top and sticks out about an inch or more bottom. This piece will be threaded onto the foam ball via a zip tie.

Tie the arms.

The upper part of the arm will be hidden under the hat. Be sure to put the hats on to make sure you cover the top edge of your arms before gluing them on. No glue on the hat, just check that you are in place.

make a standing gnome - attach arms

POINT-When attaching the arms, insert a pin through the arms to hold them in place while the glue dries.

Tie hats to the gnome

Insert the yarn into the top of your gnome. Thread the string through the center of the zipper and into the foam ball. A zipper (tight) will keep your rope in place.

Pull the hat in place and glue it to the body and use pins to hold it in place until it dries.

make a standing gnome - add hat

Insert the foot into the body

Squeeze some glue into the recesses where the legs will go. Insert the pins and make sure they are fully seated. Let the glue dry.

how to make a standing gnome - insert legs

Prepare weights for the shoes.

You will need something in the shoe to add enough weight to keep the wearer upright. Use a small Ziploc bag of rice, beans or sand. You can use anything in a Ziploc bag that you can mold around your lower leg. If you don’t have one on hand, check out our list of gnome shoe weight ideas below.

Important note- If you plan to produce and sell these Gnomes, I recommend usingair dry clay. Wrap it around the bottom of the foot and secure it inside the shoe.

Ideas for moldable shoe weights.

  • Sand
  • clay
  • (wrap around end of leg)
  • cat poo
  • aquarium stone
  • little seed
  • lentils or dried beans
  • rice
  • small pebble

Stuff your feet in gnome boots

Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the Gnome shoes. Place the Gnome’s foot inside the shoe and reposition it so that the foot is straight. Add weight to fill the shoes and hold them. I also put some more faux fur around the top of the boots to fill them out.

make a standing gnome = glue shoes

Enjoy your Gnome Booth!

make a standing gnome - display and enjoy

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DIY Gnome {Sock Gnome}
  1. Sock (body)
  2. Felt (hat)
  3. Faux fur (beard)
  4. Wooden ball (nose)
  5. Pompom (tip of the hat)
  6. Rubber band (close the sock)
  7. Rice or plastic pellets.
  8. Beard Pattern.

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Video tutorials about how to make standing gnomes

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This video will show you how to make a standing gnome.

Video for making gnome shoes at


All the materials needed are in the description below:

Styrofoam ball 4.7″ –


Styrofoam cone 2.9″ x 5.8″ –



Felt –

Faux Fur –


Crew Socks

Pantyhose –


Fiberfill –


Dowels –


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This Christmas gnome is one of the most-asked about requests I get because it is a standing sock gnome with dowel legs. In this gnome tutorial, you will learn how to use a small piece of Styrofoam inside the sock to stabilize the dowels.

Psst: I’m also sharing a free pattern for the easy-to-sew booties (link below) but you do NOT need to use them. You can use boot ornaments or any of the weight-bearing gnome shoes in my pattern (link below).

Join the Facebook Group here:


Pattern for the free winter booties:


Pattern for the gnome shoes and boots:


Find the written tutorial here:


In This Tutorial:

0:00 – Intro

0:33 – Supplies

1:18 – Determine the Method

1:43 – Make the Legs and Shoes

3:06 – Make the Sock Gnome Body

3:45 How to Make Gnome Pants

5:47 – How to Make a Bendable Gnome Mustache

6:20 – Make a Custom Slouchy Hat

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This tutorial will show you how to make your own gnomes. It is fast and easy when you use these 2 different techniques. This tutorial will show you how to make a standing Gnome with legs and a weighted standing gnome. I give you instructions about which type to use for which style of gnome you would like to create. Once you have these styles down, you can make them by the dozens using the same basic body forms. Each one can be customized to fit whatever holiday, style, or character you would like to make. It’s perfect for seasonal décor or make them and sell them for some extra income.

I like to pick up as many of the supplies from the Dollar Tree that I can get, just to help save on costs, but occasionally the stores may be out of items, so I also give alternative options that will work the same way.

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Amazon Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit –


Amazon Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Mini Size 75ct. –


Amazon Balloon Sticks Link –


Dollar Tree Supplies

White or Black socks – Juncture Men’s Full Cushion – Diabetic Comfort Crew Socks,

Table Tennis Balls, Plastic Golf Balls, Foam Crafting Balls 1.4 in

White or Black Felt

Bendable Curlers

Tan Nylons

Balloon Stick Straws 4 count

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Links for additional Gnome Tutorials:

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Easy Gnome Tutorial / No Feet –


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