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Multi-read content how long is a pole saw

Are you one of those people who doesn’t know about pole saws and some of the different benefits they offer? You are in the right place.

In fact, I suspect there are a lot of people who could benefit from using a hacksaw for certain jobs, but never consider it for some reason.

Below I will go over all the interior and exterior details of the hacksaw; their intended uses, the different varieties available, and even some helpful pruning tips.


  • 1 What is a saw post?
  • 2 types of saw posts
  • 2.1 Gas Pole Saw2.2 Electric Pole Saw2.3 Corded or Cordless? 2.4 Accessories Pole saw2.5 Hand operated pole saw2.6 Hydraulic pole saw
  • 3 Anatomy of a pole saw
  • 3.1 Electric / gas / cordless saw
  • 4 Mowers Vs. Pole Saw
  • Use a 5 pole saw
  • 5.1 Trim 5.2 Trim trees 5.3 Trim trees 5.4 Clean brooms
  • 6 ways to prune trees with a handsaw
  • 6.1 Clear the area 6.2 Plan a wide cut 6.3 Reduce the weight at the end of the branch 6.4 Stand aside 6.5 Groove 6.6 Saw from above 6.7 And the sandals?
  • 7 Best time of year to prune?
  • 7.1 Pruning in winter7.2 Pruning in summer7.3 Pruning to encourage flowering7.4 When not to prune
  • Saw with 8 safety poles
  • 8.1 Avoid power lines8.2 Stay on the ground8.3 Stay away from fall zones
  • 9 Pole Saw Maintenance
  • 9.1 Maintenance of petrol and electric pole saws 9.2 Maintenance of manual pole saws
  • How to restore a pole saw?
  • 11 Conclusion

What is a pole saw?

pole saw explained

As with most saws, the name is a pretty good indication of what it really is. In this case, it certainly goes without saying. A pole saw is a saw on the end of a pole.

I’ll get to that in a moment, but the obvious application of a pole saw would be to cut things that are beyond the reach of any standard handsaw.

With a hacksaw, your most basic form of gear will be a long pole that can usually extend up to about 10 to 20 feet and a horizontal hacksaw-like blade, often with a slight curve.

More advanced motorized pole saws (i.e. any non-motorized saw) have a different type of blade; Usually a small saw blade can be adjusted to different angles.

This includes, of course, a trigger system that actuates the speed of the blade.

Regardless of power source and hacksaw specification, the overall design and shape remains the same, making it one of the simplest saws around and also one of the most versatile and versatile. active, often surprisingly.

Pole saws are a favorite of landscapers and gardeners, which I will cover in more detail in this article.

Types of saw posts

types of pole saws

Pole saws are certainly simple tools for the most part, but they can be categorized in many different ways, many of which involve different power sources, blade designs, and how they are used, even used in the first place.

Petrol pole saw

These hacksaws have a gasoline engine on one end, with a small blade on the other end. Pole length depends on the model, but 6 feet is usually the bare minimum for most, with some extending even further.

Gas-powered hacksaw models are similar to gas-powered lawn mowers in the way they work. The motor schematic is essentially the same, as is the operation: pull the motor (if necessary), pull the cord to spin the motor, then use a trigger to deliver different levels of power to the cut blades at the end.

These types of pole saws offer great portability and can operate for long periods between refueling, one of the reasons many professionals prefer to use them for more detailed cuts around produce.

Electrode saw

There are several types of pole saws, but they all run on electricity instead of gas. Again, like their gas-powered counterparts, they are similar in construction to lawn mowers, except the engines don’t use fuel.

The size and reach of pole saws can vary, but you’ll find professional-grade models that can reach up to about 6 to 10 feet for the most part. Like other pole saws that are not manually powered, the motor portion of the saw is located at the bottom, which also connects to the blade speed control trigger.

Wired or wireless?

Corded models have a bit more power and infinite power, so they’re generally suitable for people of average height who only need to cut off a limb or two once in a while. The power cord limits some mobility, but that’s usually not a problem.

The cordless pole saw, for example, uses a rechargeable battery like you would normally find with a dynamic drill. These have limited fees, so you cannot use them for a long time. You have the advantage of being completely portable, but the batteries can wear out quickly.

The latter are also generally less powerful than corded models, but not always.

Saw post attachment

Of course, this is more suitable for a regular stand-alone saw, but there are several 2-in-1 saw models, one is a stand-alone saw and a pole saw attachment that allows you to extend it like any other , any other pole saw.

These are easily the most versatile hacksaws as you can use them overhead and on the ground for jobs such as cutting a large tree branch or anything else where you want to use the saw.

Due to the attachment of the pole saw, these saws are generally not very large or heavy, which means that its power and capabilities are reduced to some extent. However, the versatility and power levels are fine for many buyers.

Manual action pole saw

The manual hacksaw is the oldest and most reliable type of circular saw, and is generally better suited to certain types of saws and situations. Pole saws are definitely a bit of a design stub, but it works for them.

The chainsaw is basically a long pole with a curved saw blade with longer teeth – better for cutting wooden branches. The pole can be extended to different lengths, but cheaper models sometimes only come in one length.

First, the ability to saw off branches gives you more control over how branches are cut, which is useful for pruning and trimming trees without damaging them. Every professional planter has a manual hacksaw; You can bet on it.

Depending on the model, the pole saw may also have shears on the tip, which can be used to quickly cut smaller limbs.

Hydraulic pole saw

Hydraulic tools are generally for heavier applications and the same goes for pole saws. There are several models of hydraulic pole saws and the majority of them are slide drive attachments.

These saws, as you might have guessed, can be installed on compatible tractors and skids that come with a variety of attachments.

Since they are heavy duty hacksaws, they are mainly used in agriculture and brush cleaning, sometimes disaster cleanup.

Anatomy of a Pole Saw

Pole saws are mostly simple tools, but their overall anatomy and function varies by type. For the sake of simplicity, I will focus on the manual version and the engine version.

Electric / gas / cordless pole saw

electric type of pole saw


On a pole saw, the saw is usually very light and is almost always extendable. Scalable models do this with a telescoping design.

The majority of these builds will be aluminum or another lightweight metal and usually have a reinforced outer layer that is more resistant to bumps and bumps.

Somewhere towards the center of the post is usually a rubber shank area for better saw stability when aiming for high limbs and brooms.

Saw blade

The teeth of the pole saw blade assembly are slightly longer and sharper, with longer tips better suited for quick handwork, making sawing easier, since you’re holding the saw in the 10-pin pole after all.


The motor is what drives the blades on these types of pole saws and it’s always at the lower end and looks a lot like a lawn mower or blade trimmer. The size and performance of the motor obviously depends on the type of motor.

Gasoline engines will be the largest and often have a start button, as well as a zipper to start the engine.

Corded pole saws generally have the smallest motor sizes, and battery-powered versions vary by model and battery size. These can sometimes weigh almost as much as gas-powered models.

Activation / Handling

You must have a way to operate the blades, right? The trigger is located directly to the right of the pole saw’s handle and handle, which is used to supply various powers to the blade assembly.

Manual pole saw

using a manual pole saw

Manual stakes come in several different variations, so we’ll look at every possible part on a more advanced model with full functionality.



The saw blade of a manual pole saw is very different from that of an electric saw. Instead of a moving blade, a hand hacksaw has an elongated hacksaw blade with a slight curve in the center, as this helps with tilting into the branch when standing under it.

The blade is also quite long and has a very long and heavy construction. The design and construction of the blade makes it easier to saw from any height of the branch and gives the user great control over how they can cut the branch, which is important for pruning healthy trees (see below).


Many manual hacksaws now have edgers for quick cuts, instead of saws. String trimmers are similar to hand pruners and garden pruners, except they can be slightly larger and mounted on the end of a long pole, of course.

This gives users different options for pruning and pruning, and in many cases it can be a healthier way to prune small branches by trimming them quickly, rather than sawing them off.


Pole saws with clamps on the end will also have a zipper which serves to make the mower…tight.

Lawn Mower Vs. Pole Saw

trimmer vs pole saw

The string trimmer (and regular string trimmer) is something you’ll often find alongside a pole saw in any serious landscaper or horticulturist’s tool collection.

Although these two types of tools are often used side by side for most people at some point, they are completely different and have different uses.

So what is a trimmer? They’re power tools that handle the same way as a chainsaw, except you use them for trimming bushes and shrubs, especially when trying to create meticulous shapes without the need for hand-held trimmers, which can often take a long time.

Clippers have teeth that move back and forth between fixed teeth, creating a cutting area, much like larger versions of electric razors and trimmers. They can be one to two feet long, and sometimes longer for commercial-sized versions.

Well, a hacksaw is not used for trimming bushes. They are reserved for individual affiliates, large and small. This can be used to prune trees to some extent, but not in a fancy way, just whole sections at a time if needed.

Also, not all trees and shrubs need to be pruned to retain their leaves. Some plants benefit from both, but most people’s property will usually have a hacksaw for planting and trimming shrubs and bushes.

What sometimes confuses some buyers is the fact that you can buy pole mowers, which sometimes come with pole saws. In this case, the concept is the same: something cuts the vegetation at the end of the column. But that’s where the similarities end.

So, in a nutshell, a pole saw is for cutting branches, and an edger is for bushes, shrubs, and any other tree with thick, moldable leaves.

Use a pole saw

pole saw uses

Now is the time to really dive into all the common uses for a hacksaw, with a few examples of each to clarify.

cut branches

The most common and non-specific use of a hacksaw is simply to cut branches. It can be on trees, bushes or anything else with branches.

In most cases, the hacksaw is best used on any branch that you cannot safely reach when standing with your feet on the ground and without straining. If you have to climb onto a stool or tiptoe to get to a sawing mark, it’s best to use a hacksaw instead.

There are many reasons why someone might need to prune or prune a branch, which I’ll cover below, as there are many different approaches.


In large part, tree pruning refers to the process of removing unwanted limbs. These can be dead or dying limbs, or limbs that simply get in the way of something, like a power line.

Many homeowners prune tree branches to let in more sun on the ground and help grass grow if too much foliage prevents creating excess shade throughout the day. .

Storm damage can sometimes cause problems all year round, whether it’s hot or cold. During the warmer months, strong winds and rain can cause branches to break or crack, or even be occasionally struck by lightning. The same goes for hurricanes and tornadoes.

In winter, the branches tend to crack due to the cold. Snow and ice storms can also cause branches to crack or even break and fall. Whatever the cause, tree pruning is the removal of any limb that is no longer needed for whatever reason, whether damaged, in some way, or simply undesirable.


Tree pruning and tree pruning can sometimes get confused, and that’s certainly understandable. While tree pruning usually happens to fix a tree’s problems and therefore happens when necessary, pruning is usually done every year, to prepare the tree for healthy growth for the busiest months. hot.

For this reason, pruning can be much more difficult, as it is purely strategic and requires some knowledge of the tree, its growth pattern, and any particular methods of keeping plants healthy throughout the season. year.

Pruning a tree is complicated, difficult and requires some knowledge of the overall process, as opposed to pruning, which only cuts off the branches that can no longer be on the tree. I’ll cover this in more detail below, including when to prune in the first place.

erase brush

The hacksaw can sometimes be used as a kind of destructive orb for problematic growth, which is not necessarily a tree.

For this reason, cleaning up brooms and debris with a pole saw doesn’t require much attention to detail, simply removing anything that gets in the way.

Pole saws used for this purpose are usually the heaviest available and are usually attached to a steering or tractor.

How to prune trees with a handsaw

Prune A Tree With A Manual Pole Saw

Again, keep in mind that pruning is not the same as pruning, so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to call a professional first. time, especially for branches that are too high.

However, if you are comfortable with the process, you should start.

With pole saws, manual versions are better for cutting, as motorized models tend to produce a lot of rough cuts that aren’t ideal for cutting. It can be done, but manual pole saws are lighter on the branches mentioned.

Delete area

Start by cleaning the area under which the branches are and make sure that nothing can be damaged by the falling branches, including yourself.

It involves predicting where the branch will fall when it’s cut, so if you’re not the best at it, move to a larger area just in case. It also makes it easier to clean things up later, with or without cutting branches to smaller sizes later.

Plan an extensive cut

Sizing planning involves a lot of different things and that’s what makes sizing sometimes difficult.

The first part is cut at the right place. Usually you will want to prune at least a few inches from the stem, as this will be healthier.

If you prune a branch to keep it in line with the rest of the tree’s shape, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Whenever possible, always try to cut branches horizontally, as stiff branches are difficult to handle.

Reduced weight at the end of the branch

This is an important step that many people overlook. The last thing you really want is to split the branches when cutting, as this is very unhealthy for the tree and susceptible to disease and mold. A clean cut is best.

If the end of your branch has a lot of weight on it for some reason, you run the risk of splitting halfway. So if you think there’s a risk, trim the ends of the branches until the rest is nice and light.

If you want to save some energy, an air saw or power pole is best for weight reduction, because the cut pattern doesn’t matter until you get to the main cut.

Stay away

Now that you have it all figured out, it’s time to get out. Whether that means standing as far away from the branch as possible or swerving to the side, just make sure you’re not in a rut.

make grooves

The grooving of the branches creates a sort of guide that helps keep the blade centered as you cut. If you get loose, you could cause the blade to slip and damage what’s supposed to stay or make too many angled cuts.

Seen from scratch

In the groove, saw from top to bottom, using long, measured strokes. The pole should be at chest height and you should have a firm, controlled grip as you swing it back and forth. If you stretch or saw at an awkward angle, you will have a stump prone to infection.

And the Clippers?

Pruners on the hacksaw are truly the best for pruning because they provide a fast, smooth, and even better cut for the tree. So when the branches are less than 1.5 inches thick, you can simply prune them in time by pruning the branches.

If you’re worried about the branches getting a little thick, make a groove with a saw blade, then line your trimmer inside and trim. It works well most of the time.

When it comes to pruning twigs and foliage, just be sure to prune the right area evenly and in a way that encourages healthy, full growth of the surrounding branches.

Best time of year to prune?

pruning a tree

Determining the best time to prune a tree can be a bit tricky. Here are some general guidelines to make things easier.

winter pruning

Winter is usually the best time for pruning. Although difficult due to the inability to see leaf growth, the plant will be healthier and easier.

If you prune in winter, be sure to wait until the coldest period has passed. Prune branches that seem too long or cross in front of other branches. This will result in a healthy growth spurt as spring arrives.

Summer pruning

Sometimes it is best to wait to see the tree’s growth before making pruning decisions, such as which branches you want to slow the tree’s growth from, in order to save your resources. the plant is transferred to another place.

Proper size can also be better in summer. If you choose to prune in the summer, be sure not to come in the fall.

Prune the branches to promote flowering

Do you have a plant that likes to bloom in the spring and are you looking for a way to make those flowers bloom better?

If your plant blooms in the spring, start pruning when the flowers begin to fade. This can encourage the plant’s energy and food to return to the pruned branches, producing new flowers and extending their lifespan.

If your plants tend to flower in mid-summer, be sure to take care of your pruning after the last frost, or very early in the spring, depending on your climate.

When not to prune

Whatever you do, avoid pruning in the fall. This is when mold is most active in the air of other plants, increasing the risk of getting into new cuts in your tree.

Extremely safe saw

safe use of a pole saw

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the hacksaw can be dangerous and it usually doesn’t come straight from the saw. All in all, falling branches, electricity, and gravity are all hazards you need to avoid.

Avoid power lines

I cannot stress how important this is. Power lines are not something to disturb. A fall from the back limb can catch a line and cause it to fall or create an electrical current that leads directly to you.

At best, you will damage the line and cause power outages not only for you but also for the neighbors. And then you’ll be the one to bother everyone.

Most utility companies in the city are those that deal with branches near power lines. If you have branches around a line, call them, don’t do it yourself. They are more trained and equipped to handle this.

stay on the ground

Another common mistake is that DIYers are a little too ambitious with what they want to cut. If you can’t reach the branch with your hacksaw, don’t think a stool or stepladder is a solution.

Stand on the ground and try to use any type of hacksaw if that’s a recipe for disaster on so many levels. Don’t do this. Call a professional and avoid going to the emergency room.

Move away from the fall zone

I’ve been through some of these issues before, but I’ll say it again. Do everything you can to make sure you don’t get in the way of falling branches, including any structures or tools you might be sitting around. Put everything aside.

Saw post maintenance

Pole saws are tools, so they need proper maintenance to keep them performing optimally and avoiding problems down the line. I will divide these steps into supported and manual categories.

Maintenance of gas and electric scroll saws

Much of the maintenance with an electric pole saw revolves around the blades and is very similar to basic saw maintenance.

  • Check the oil tank to make sure it is full of chain oil before using the saw.
  • Check for loose nuts, screws and bolts and tighten them if necessary.
  • Check for abnormal wear.
  • Adjust the tension before use and loosen the tension after as the chain may shrink after cooling.
  • Clean the rails each time you sharpen the chain.
  • Wipe the saw clean after each use, then store it in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Engine maintenance depends on the manufacturer. It’s always a good idea to have the air and oil filters checked on a gasoline engine, as well as any fuel leaks.

If you have an electric model, check that the power cord is not broken or frayed. For cordless models, check the battery for leaks and damage and make sure the battery contacts are clean and free of corrosion.

Hand saw maintenance

With a manual pole saw, your only real maintenance will be making sure the blade is straight, sharp, and in good condition. Replacement blades can be found at hardware stores if needed.

Checking the pole for bumps or bends is also a good idea.

How to restore a pole saw?

pole saw resting

If your pillar saw has a pruner, you may need to rewire every few years. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Remove the damaged rope and also observe how it is connected to the pulley system, as you will need to replicate this. You may need to use a screwdriver to encourage the wire to come out of the system.
  2. Tie the new end of the rope to the anchor eyelet or lanyard at the ends of the mower blades. You may need to use a bowstring to stay safe during the procedure.
  3. Bring the other end of the rope to the next pulley. Bring it from the inside out. If the anchor eyelet is on the pole, the pulley will be near the blade that actually moves when you pull the rope.
  4. Thread the rope from the outside of the next pulley to the inside.
  5. Thread the rope through the anchors, then lead the row down the post.
  6. Cut the rope a little shorter than the tie. Tie to the handles if you have one, then knot each end.


As you can see, the hacksaw is easy to use, incredibly convenient and versatile, and also comes in a variety that may best suit your tree care needs and preferences.

Looking for a new pole saw? Be sure to check out ourspole saw buying guide, where we dive into our favorite hacksaws on the market, including some helpful buying tips to help you make the best decision.

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Popular questions about how long is a pole saw

how long is a pole saw?

Like their cordless counterparts, corded electric pole saws typically use bars between 8 and 10 in length. Unlike rechargeable pole saws, corded pole saws draw their power from an electrical outlet and need to be plugged in via a cord.

How far does a Stihl pole saw extend?

An advanced battery-powered pole pruner that extends over 13 feet with commercial-grade power and durability. This nimble, lightweight, telescoping pole can be fitted with lopper or saw head to reach 10′ above ground.

How long is a craftsman pole saw?

Product information
Product Dimensions 42.43 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches
Item model number CMCCSP20M1
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,147 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #14,930 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #11 in Power Pole Saws

How long is the Husqvarna pole saw?

The Husqvarna 525PT5S pole saw reaches to over 13-feet when fully extended, 158.3-inches to be exact.

Can you use a pole saw on a ladder?

Pole saws are kind of wildly, much harder to control than a chainsaw, they can tire your arms out very quickly, make you lose your balance, you should never use a pole saw on a ladder.

What is the longest gas pole saw?

Capable of extending up to 11.4 feet in addition to the height of the user, this long-reach Maxtra pole saw has a 10-inch cutting bar, a strong 42.7cc engine, and a convenient harness to help balance this tool while using at its full length, making it the longest gas-powered pole saw in this price range.

What is a stick saw?

A pole saw is intended to cut difficult-to-reach branches in order to trim trees, hedges, and other foliage. While the saw does effectively cut through wood, it’s not large enough to fully replace a chainsaw.

What kind of oil does a craftsman pole saw use?

What kind of oil goes in a pole saw? Petroleum-based bar and chain oil is the best to use for a pole saw.

How do you attach a Craftsman chainsaw to pole?

Does Husqvarna make pole saws?

Husqvarna’s professional pole saws are lightweight and designed for superior reach, balance and performance.

What size chain is on a Husqvarna Pole Saw?

Product Description. The Husqvarna 12-inch Replacement Chain – 503305464 – fits the Husqvarna 327PT5S Pole Saw. 1/4″ pitch – . 050 gauge – 64 Drive Links.

How do you start a Husqvarna Pole Saw?

To start the pole saw, press the air purge button, located on the front of the engine to the left of the pole, until you see fuel begin to fill the bubble. Set the choke control, located next to the air purge button, to the choke position, indicated by a backslash with a dot in the center.

How thick of a branch can a pole saw cut?

Pruning Saw
Tool Recommended Branch Size
Chainsaw More than 5 inches thick (12.7 cm)
Gas Pole Saw 3-4 inches (7.62-10.16 cm)
Pole Tree Pruner Less than 3 inches (7.62 cm)
Pruning Shears Less than an inch thick (2.54 cm)

Can you use a pole saw to cut down a tree?

Pole saws are great for trimming tree limbs and branches that are hard to reach. So instead of using a ladder, getting a good pole saw is a better idea. Just like the chainsaw, pole saws come in different types – manual, electric, and gas-powered pole saws. A gas-powered pole saw is like a chainsaw with an extension.

How high can a pole saw cut?

How High Can a Pole Saw Cut? Manual pole saws can extend up to 20 feet. Engine powered pole saws can extend from 6-14 feet.

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3ft/1m longer than anything you can buy.


10″ w/extension pole saw attachment(extension not shown but included):


SPARE EXTENSIONS: PART# 308010016 around $35 each with shipping

Split shaft models made by the manufactures below all share the same attachments:

RYOBI Gas and 40V













I have had this pole saw attachment for over 10years now and have removed/pruned dozens of fruit, ornamental and hardwood trees. I has been fantastic with it’s only downfall being the length. The longest one you can get is from Husqvarna and tops out around 14ft for around $700(Stihl 12.5ft for the same). I have them beat by over 3′ and think I could add even more with a larger truss to support the weight. Carbon fiber tube with carbon fiber driveshaft and the possibilities are……



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Links to the best pole saws we listed in this pole saw review video:

1. WORX WG309








2. Sun Joe SWJ803E








3. Greenworks G-MAX 40V








4. Remington RM8EPS Ranger II








5. RYOBI P4361








6. Oregon Cordless PS250







In this video we picked the top 6 best pole saws on the market in 2020. We made this list based on our personal opinion, and we ranked them in no particular order after we did our research based on their price, features ,durability, user experience, brand reputation and more. Trimming you’re trees is one of those difficult parts of gardening that many homeowners prefer to leave to the pros. Those who decide to take on the trimming of their trees on themselves frequently do this task by standing on a ladder with a pair of common shears, which is both remarkably dangerous and incredibly awkward. Luckily, there is another way to keep the trees of your garden neat and tidy that doesn’t need professional intervention or having the risk of getting injured. All you need is the right garden tool. That particular tool is a pole saw. With a quality pole saw, you’ll be able to trim your trees while keeping yourself safe on the ground. It is important to note, however, that trimming your trees with a poorly designed pole saw can be more dangerous, so it is imperative that you purchase the highest-quality pole saw available to you on the market today. Thanks for watching and we hope you like the pole saw models we picked for this year. If this video was helpful to you, please remember to leave a like and subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this in the future, and if you have any questions related to the pole saws which are listed here, leave a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.




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