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Best Plumber Tools List: 27 Must-Have Plumbing Tools

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  • Summary: Articles about Best Plumber Tools List: 27 Must-Have Plumbing Tools Best Plumbing Tools For Pipe Work. Tubing Cutter; Hacksaw; Hole saw kit; Pipe and tube benders; Mole grips; Plumber’s torch; Thread sealing tape; Pliers; Press …

  • Match the search results: A T-shaped tool that plumbers use specifically on faucets. It’s unique design allows plumbers to turn fasteners in confined spaces that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

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29 Best Tools Every Plumber Needs in Their Toolbox

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  • Summary: Articles about 29 Best Tools Every Plumber Needs in Their Toolbox The Plumbing Tools List · 1. Pipe wrench · 2. Basin wrench · 3. Adjustable wrench · 4. Faucet key. Pipe Work · 5. Hacksaw · 6. Tube and plastic pipe …

  • Match the search results: The basin wrench is a T-shaped tool plumbers use specifically to work on faucets. The clamp-like mechanism on one end of these wrenches allow plumbers to reach into narrow spaces and loosen or tighten the nuts that keep our faucets working (and not leaking). Any conversation about the best tools for…

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What Tools Do Plumbers Use? – Access Training Academies

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  • Summary: Articles about What Tools Do Plumbers Use? – Access Training Academies Wrenches. wrenches ; Pliers.

  • Match the search results: When plumbers are fitting bathrooms or kitchens they’re required to use metres and metres of piping. Often, piping comes on large reels like the ones you see above, so of course, plumbers need a pipe cutter to hand!

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10 Useful Tools and Materials for Plumbing Projects – The …

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  • Summary: Articles about 10 Useful Tools and Materials for Plumbing Projects – The … You do not want to use a sink auger for toilets, or a toilet auger for standard drains, as the tools are designed for very different purposes. A …

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    While professional plumbers drive around with plenty of specialty equipment on their trucks, homeowners can handle more of their own needs with just a handful of plumbing tools. This is because the most common household plumbing repairs are more about the know-how (and replacement parts) than about…

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The Essential Plumbing Tools List: 35 Different Types & Their …

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  • Summary: Articles about The Essential Plumbing Tools List: 35 Different Types & Their … You need pliers to work on pipes. You will be using them every day, just like wrenches. You should choose a pair of slammer pliers since you’re …

  • Match the search results: Most plumbers have various sizes of adjustable wrenches to ensure they can always loosen the wrench they need to. Even for beginners, we recommend picking up various sizes, just in case.

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Plumbing – Wikipedia

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  • Summary: Articles about Plumbing – Wikipedia Plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids. … Heating and cooling (HVAC), waste removal, and potable water …

  • Match the search results: Specialized plumbing tools include pipe wrenches, flaring pliers, pipe vise, pipe bending machine, pipe cutter, dies, and joining tools such as soldering torches and crimp tools. New tools have been developed to help plumbers fix problems more efficiently. For example, plumbers use video cameras for…

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28 Tools Every Plumber Needs In Their Toolbox | JT Atkinson

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  • Summary: Articles about 28 Tools Every Plumber Needs In Their Toolbox | JT Atkinson … list of essential tools that should be in every plumber’s toolbox so … remove the blade and use it by itself to cut stubborn fittings.

  • Match the search results: Last but not least is a Holesaw Kit. Designed especially for plumbers, keeping a holesaw kit handy will make cutting through trunking, conduit, pipe, kitchen/bathroom Hardwood, Softwood, Metal Mild Steel and Aluminium a lot easier.

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Construction Project Management Software: Plumbing Tools

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  • Summary: Articles about Construction Project Management Software: Plumbing Tools Plumbers should be equipped with the specific plunger that will be the right … wrench is a proper tool to use to help install a new seal.

  • Match the search results: It is not shocking that plumbers must deal with many situations where they would not want to be using their bare hands. Having a good set of gloves handy will protect your hands and help you to keep a better grip when pipes are wet.

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Top 10 Plumbing Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

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  • Summary: Articles about Top 10 Plumbing Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox Top 10 Plumbing Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox · 1. Basin Wrench · 2. Adjustable Wrench · 3. Pipe wrench · 4. Tongue-and-groove Pliers · 5.

  • Match the search results: Not from Australia? Visit Best Plumbers USA or Best Plumbers UK (coming soon) for plumbers near you.

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What Tools Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains? – Eyman …

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  • Summary: Articles about What Tools Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains? – Eyman … Ever wonder how plumbers clear clogs no matter how big? Well, these are the professional plumbing tools that are used to unclog your drains.

  • Match the search results: Also known as drain snakes, there are several different versions of drain augers that most plumbers will carry with them at all times. In essence, it’s a basic tool, but an auger is best for tough drain clogs that just won’t budge and for cleaning out drains, too.

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10 Tools Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains – Eyman Plumbing

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  • Summary: Articles about 10 Tools Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains – Eyman Plumbing How do plumbers manage to perfectly fix your clogged drains? Here are some tools the experts use to unclog drains in your home.

  • Match the search results: Despite the amount of drain cleaning tools plumbers have, some plumbers utilize tools that can be found within the home. A combination of baking soda and vinegar produces a bubbling reaction that can work to loosen a clog.

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20 Must-Have Tools for Plumbers | OptimoRoute

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  • Summary: Articles about 20 Must-Have Tools for Plumbers | OptimoRoute Plumbers commonly use wrenches to screw, fasten, tighten, … Plumbers can do this manually, but tube benders make the process much faster …

  • Match the search results: Plumbers need to tackle common problems like fixing leaky pipes and more complicated jobs like repairing damaged water heaters. Whether the problem is big or small, plumbers need to have the knowledge to navigate the pipe systems on a property and the proper tools to get the job done.

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22 Essential Plumbing Tools for Simple Repairs at Home

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  • Summary: Articles about 22 Essential Plumbing Tools for Simple Repairs at Home Plumbers make use of different types of pipes, which means you’ll need a way to cut these pipes. Pipe and tube cutters allow you to do this …

  • Match the search results: This is commonly known as plumbers tape, Teflon tape or PTFE tape. It’s a polytetrafluoroethylene film tape plumbers normally use for sealing pipe threads to prevent water leak. You should have this with you if you want to handle any plumbing repair or installation.

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What Can Plumbers Fix? | AZ Air Conditioning and Heating

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  • Summary: Articles about What Can Plumbers Fix? | AZ Air Conditioning and Heating We use special tools like plumbing snakes to eliminate clogs without damaging your pipes. 2. Leaky Pipes. Leaky pipes can cost you, both in …

  • Match the search results: With your home’s plumbing, there are a few things you can do to keep water flowing smoothly. Such as only flushing toilet paper or booking annual water heater maintenance. When you do experience a plumbing problem, getting in touch with a plumber in Los Angeles is the smartest way to solve it …

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Types of Plumbing Pipes | Learn What the Top 5 Are in This Post

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  • Summary: Articles about Types of Plumbing Pipes | Learn What the Top 5 Are in This Post Is PEX better than PVC? What is the best pipe to use for an underground water line? The …

  • Match the search results: PEX pipes remain more popular among plumbers because they are flexible and easy to install. Unlike PVC, it doesn’t require the use of glue, which can potentially leak into the water. It’s also resistant to corrosion, making it compatible with metal pipes.

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Plumbing Tools List for a Better Toolbox – The Home Depot

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  • Summary: Articles about Plumbing Tools List for a Better Toolbox – The Home Depot Use when working with plastic or copper pipe. Uses a steel wheel to cut pipes easily. Mainly used for precise cuts with even ends for well-fitted joints.

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    Reference #18.b62e3717.1648898243.2bc5ea0

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Why Plumbers Use High-Pressure Air to Unclog Pipes

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  • Summary: Articles about Why Plumbers Use High-Pressure Air to Unclog Pipes When it comes to clog repair, we do not rely on things like over-the-counter liquid drain cleaner. Almost Always Effective. So why do plumbers …

  • Match the search results: High-pressure air is one of several tools that plumbers can turn to when clogs are especially stubborn. All the tools our
    Salt Lake City plumbers carry on their trucks are designed to affect safe and proper repairs. When it comes to
    clog repair, we do not rely on things like over-the-counter liqui…

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What to Do When Your Toilet Won’t Unclog – Plumbing Troopers

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  • Evaluate 3 ⭐ (13232 Ratings)

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  • Lowest rating: 1 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about What to Do When Your Toilet Won’t Unclog – Plumbing Troopers When using this tool, you need to place the plunger in the toilet bowl and push it down gently. The first push is simply to eliminate the air.

  • Match the search results:

  • Quote from the source:

Multi-read content what do plumbers use

The average plumber should have reasonable expertise with a wide variety of tools. The average plumber uses several tools for a job, from a hammer to a tape measure. Some of them are essential enough to make them a plumber’s daily toolkit. There are a few “special” tools that most plumbers probably don’t have to use for common plumbing problems, but they should be on hand as a precaution.

Here is a list of 37 everyday plumbing tools

1. Copper tube cutting machine

Every plumber needs a compact copper tubing cutter that can reliably cut the most common sizes of copper tubing. Bonus points if it fits in your toolbox. This is where the modern copper pipe cutter was born, which is a faster, more convenient and cleaner way to cut pipes than a traditional hacksaw.Click hereto see our range of products

2. Water pump pliers

Everyday plumbing applications tend to have lots of odd-shaped objects that can be used to hold and screw in larger diameter nuts and bolts of any shape. The water pump pliers have a sturdy jaw design thanks to the serrated angle design.Click hereto see the products.

3. U gauge kit for air test

To perform air checks on sewers and drains to ensure they comply with building regulations, plumbers mustAir Test U Gauge Kit. This kit should contain all the necessary supplies, including a polishing pad, a U-ruler, and a hand pump hose.

4. Lead-free capillary solder wire

Most plumbing projects that involve soldering copper pipes are done with lead-free wire. Solder is primarily used in electronics repair, so be sure to choose plumbing solder that is strong enough to solder copper plumbing. Choose lead-free solder to ensure the water is safe to drink.Click hereto see our range of products.

5. Solder Capillary Conductor

If you are sealing pipes that do not drain potable water, you can use lead wire. It holds two pipes together and creates unbreakable bonds that will stand the test of time.Click hereto see our solder capillary conductor.

6. Cement for PVC pipes

PVC cement is a non-drip, thixotropic chemical solvent that fuses different pipe segments together to create watertight joints. Each type of PVC requires a different cement. The most common piping is polyvinyl chloride and requires PVC cement. When applied to the pipe, PVC cement forms a strong joint that is stronger than IPE and surrounding fittings.Click hereto see the products.

7. Pipe sealing thread

An indispensable plumbing tool far more reliable than traditional sealing methods, pipe sealants require no curing time and provide a complete seal under pressure. More importantly, it can be readjusted up to 45 degrees without causing leaks.Click herefor pipe sealing thread.

8. PTFE tape

Also known as the “plumbers” group,PTFE tapeis a highly versatile thread sealant and lubricant used to reliably prevent pipeline leaks. Most plumbers use PTFE tape as a precaution when joining two or more pipes. PTFE tape provides additional protection against the risk of future leaks and is extremely safe due to its chemical inertness.

9. Super Fire 2. Torch

If you want to solder copper tubing together, you’ll need a gas torch that can produce a strong flame, has a solid build quality, and easily ignites the gas of your choice (disposable bottle of propane, MAP or PRO ).2. Super Flame Torchis a great tool that allows you to provide a high temperature flame with relatively less gas.

10. Plastic pipe cutting machine

Whether you’re a plumber or a handyman, you’ll need to cut a pipe at some point in your project. This is where aPipe cutting machineuseful. It can cut a variety of plastics such as MDPE, PE, hep20, PP and P‐EX.

11. Flux Brush

Along with soldering, flux is an important part of joining two pipes together in a process known as “bleeding”.FLbrushis an acidic paste that is absorbed into the solder after applying heat with a soldering iron. This will attract solder to fill the joint between the two copper pieces you wish to join.

12. Silicone lubricant

silicone greasemainly to lubricate and preserve rubber parts such as O-rings. It’s so common in plumbing that most people just like to call it “plumber’s grease” country. Whether it’s washers, water filter housing threats or faucet fittings, silicone lubricants are an essential tool.

13. Drain test plug

Among the various pressure testing methods in dry waste and chimney vents (DWV),drain test plugis the most reliable and powerful. They are usually made of galvanized material to resist corrosion while having the strength of steel.

14. LS-X Leak Sealer

LS-Xis a fast-acting silicone sealant that allows plumbers to seal external leaks. It can be used for hot and cold water pipes, including drinking water. An important characteristic is that they do not contaminate drinking water.

15. Tool for draining water

It is important to have access to a wide choice of cloths for unclogging drains and pipes. Ideally, a set of drain bars should include slats 30 feet in length. Ideally, they should be combined in a waterproof carrying case.Click hereto see our drainage tools.

16. Drill Snakes

solid drillor a plumber’s snake is a tool used to remove blockages – causing blockages deep inside a pipe. Some clogs are too stiff for your everyday pistons, which is where drill snakes work best.

17. Yellow silicone tape

When stainless steel pipes begin to corrode from exposure to air, it is convenient to seal them with waterproof silicone tape instead of replacing the entire pipe. This saves money, time and labor. It is important to ensure that the pipe is completely wrapped in tape for best results.Click heresee Silicone tape.

18. Plumber

PlumberUsed to create seals around drains and faucets. Simply pull the nozzle out in a circle that matches the circumference of the device and snap it into place. This will create a tight fit and prevent any leaks.

19. Joint Compound

Liaison officers such assealantAllows the plumber to create tight sealing spaces between tiles, slabs and pavers. This solution is easy to apply, stays in place and looks great, making it a practical alternative to conventional cement mortar.

20. Welding and brazing pad

solderare heat resistant mats that allow plumbers to work with solder, flux and propane. It is ideal for making permanent butt reversible connections between copper pipes.

21. Automatic blowtorch

Automatic headlightsDesigned with ergonomics in mind, which is why they are lightweight, flexible and comfortable to use. Their flame can be regulated thanks to the nozzle of the copper burner. The gas cartridge is compatible with propane and butane.

22. Propane torch with tube

Portability is a common issue with traditional gas torches. This problem has now been solved thanks to the propane torch which comes with a 5 meter long tube for added portability.Click hereto see the products.

23. Garbage collector monument

If your sink, tub, or basin is draining slowly due to clogs and waste, you can useMonument waste cleaning machinefor immediate disposal of waste. They are equipped with a galvanized steel wire and a comfortable handle for easy use.

24. Multi-Bender

This is an easy to use appMulti-BenderLight, powerful and portable. It is ideal for use in plumbing applications such as creating an angle between 0 and 135 degrees while overcoming obstacles.

25. Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench

Some nuts are extra large and will not loosen with a traditional adjustment wrench. This is where aadjustable wrenchto go with. It is designed for maximum productivity with increased capacity for use in confined environments. The ergonomic handle won’t dig into the palm of your hand when you apply force.

26. Butane-propane canister

Every plumber needs portable gas canisters that can safely store high pressure gases like butane and propane. These cartridges must be durable enough to be transported in different environments. Ideally, the gas cylinder should comply with the EN417 standard.Click hereto see our products.

27. One-Piece Keyed Tap Set

Most chrome key sets can fit almost any one piece security bolt available today. Each set should ideally contain 9, 11, 12 and 13mm wrenches as well as a tommy bar to easily turn each wrench.Click hereto see the products.

28. Micro sanding belt

The mini sanding belts are waterproof, tough and durable. Most plumbers prefer them over grit, steel wool, and sandpaper. They can be used in both dry and wet conditions, usually containing 10 tablets per pack.Click hereto see our mini sanding belt.

29. High Pressure Propane Regulator

OLDlick hereTo see our high pressure propane regulator, this tool allows you to create flames of different sizes with great efficiency. The adjustable bar allows you to vary the pressure from 0 to 6 bars for quality results. It is made of high quality brass for long use.

30. Dust removal contract

AAir Duster contractVery useful for removing dirt and debris from hard to reach areas. It is not flammable and can be sprayed from any angle. It works best on PCBs, electrical equipment and clean burners.

31. Multi-function unclogging stick

ADrain cleaning bar assemblyis an indispensable tool that allows plumbers to clean drains. These bars only rotate clockwise. Each set contains 10 rods, a twin screw, a rod plunger and a scraper.

32. Standard U-shaped pressure gauge

The most common application in plumbing work is to reliably measure the gas pressure of household and commercial appliances. AStandard U-Gauge Pressure Gaugeallows you to measure gas pressure. The Rothenberg chair also includes a Velcro strap to allow the plumber to hold the U-gauge at eye level.

33. Stillson Pipe Wrench

This pipe wrench works best on soft metal pipes and fittings with round surfaces. Both jaws feature deep grooves for an incredibly secure grip for gripping copper, aluminum and other metal surfaces.OLDlick hereto see the products.

34. Replacement radiator support

If you want to replace the worn brackets on most radiators, make sure they are galvanized steel and have easy alignment grooves. The “Today’s” brand is a trusted manufacturer valued for its high qualityRadiator bracket, they usually come in a pack of 4.

35. Extra wide jaw adjustment wrench

If you want a wider key with 40% more openness, you might want to invest in aadjustable wrench. They have jaws with a 15 degree angle that allow you to easily reach into confined spaces.

36. 2 Jaw Adjustable Wrench

2 sink jaws with keyWorks best with nuts placed in a dark location, especially if hidden under a tub or sink. They have teeth that are sharpened for a firmer grip.

37. Drain Auger

Drain hole drillallows you to remove difficult blockages. To use a drain cleaner, simply insert it into the drain while slowly twisting it clockwise. Keep pushing it down until you clear the blockage. Drainage drills are typically up to 7.5 meters long.

Popular questions about what do plumbers use

what do plumbers use?

Plumbers use many wrenches as they work. Some include open-end, box-end, socket tube, radiator, chain, Allen, and strap wrenches. Most plumbers’ kits, however, will always have pipe, adjustable, and basin wrenches.

What kind of tool does a plumber use?

Pliers. Plumbers use pliers, like wrenches, every day. These smaller tools are among the best tools for plumbers because they allow professionals to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts that are too small for a wrench to grip. They also fit easily in a plumber’s hand to squeeze into tight spaces where a wrench won’t fit.

Do plumbers use drills?


The right tools for the right job; hence the need for a good quality SDS+ hammer drill. It’ll be ideal for the times you need to punch big holes in masonry, or even chip or chisel concrete.

What material is used for water pipes?

PVC, standing for polyvinyl chloride, is a type of plastic that is commonly used for main supply lines, drainage pipes, pools, spas, and irrigation piping. PVC pipes come in different thicknesses called schedules. The most common PVC schedules are 40 and 80.

What should be in a plumbers tool box?

Basic plumbing tools
  • Hammers.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Mallet.
  • Pliers.
  • Tape measure.
  • Allen keys.
  • Hand saw.
  • Flashlight.

What tool is used for plumbing a wall?

Pipe wrench

They are straight, end and offset. Straight ends pipe wrench are popularly used by plumbers.

What is plumber work?

Locate and repair issues with water supply lines (e.g. leaks) Repair or replace broken drainage lines, clogged drains, faucets etc. Repair domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) and fixtures (e.g. sinks) etc. Install and maintain gas and liquid heating systems (air-conditioning units, radiators etc.)

Do plumbers use nails?

Do plumbers use hammer drills?

Professional contractors, especially electricians and plumbers, use hammer-drills all the time to drill pilot holes for masonry screws. These screws, which are known by the trade name Tapcon, don’t require an anchor, but instead thread right into the hole.

What is a power drill used for in plumbing?

Hammer drills are used for drilling holes into concrete and masonry to install brackets to hold up water and waste pipes. A good quality, battery operated hammer drill is a must. When purchasing your hammer drill check the chuck size needed for the type of work you do onsite.

Where are pipes used?

A pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder, usually but not necessarily of circular cross-section, used mainly to convey substances which can flow — liquids and gases (fluids), slurries, powders and masses of small solids.

What does a plumber produce?

Installing hot and cold water, sanitation and drainage. Setting up rainwater harvesters and lead soakers. Installing central heating systems and domestic fuel-burning appliances using gas, oil or solid fuel. Designing water and heating systems.

What type of pipe is used for main water lines?

Although many of these pipes are still used today, especially those made from ductile iron, most new water main applications use HDPE and PVC pipes owing to their unique properties. PVC pipes, in particular, are inexpensive, lightweight, and durable, as well as highly resistant to corrosion and most chemicals.

What are the basics of plumbing?

The Three Parts of Your Plumbing System

While there are many individual components in your plumbing system, it’s useful to break it down into three primary systems: your water supply, water heating, and drainage.

What tool brand is best for plumbing?

Plumbing Hand Tool Recommendations
  • Channellock Adjustable Pliers. …
  • Crescent K9 Angle-Access Jaws Pipe Wrenches. …
  • Proferred Adjustable Plumbing Wrench. …
  • RIDGID 23498 RC-1625 Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter. …
  • RIDGID Telescoping Basin Wrench. …
  • LENOX High-Tension Hacksaw. …
  • Milwaukee Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set.

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