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How To Create A Gallery Wall

I will always love a gallery wall. It’s the perfect place to showcase the artwork you’ve collected, as well as photos and family moments. It adds warmth, character and personality to any wall in any home. And it quickly turned into a conversation. Here I will give you ideas on how to select and organize artwork, gallery wall layout options, and more.

However, when you want to start one, your first thought is usually “But where to start?” This is because the gallery walls have a bit of a “chicken before egg after” situation! Do you all have a lot of artwork and need to know what’s right on your wall? Or do you have a blank wall that needs art? Maybe you are somewhere in between?

As a result, there is no “exact” science to designing a gallery wall and no two will ever be the same. You may find that you’ve marked one or more of these library wall steps on your list, or are doing them “out of order” as I wrote. But in fact there is no command at all and you do it perfectly!

Gallery walls hold personal meaning and I hope this article will give you the principles and confidence to finally hang that piece in the way that makes your heart happy!

How To Layout A Gallery Wall
Photo by Jeff Mindell


  • First of all, there are always exceptions
  • Choose your artistic couple
  • How to include family photos
  • How should I frame my gallery wall art?
  • 3D objects as library wall art
  • 3 methods to arrange the wall of your library
  • How to present your art
  • How to hang a gallery wall
  • House for rent? Hang a bookcase wall WITHOUT Nails!

First of all, there are always exceptions

I’ve seen all sizes, shapes and styles of gallery walls and I love them ALL! Some have a symmetrical grid, others are minimal with widely spaced artwork. Some cram all the artwork you can imagine into one wall! And all of them are AMAZING!

For every time I say “do this”, know that there is always an exception when it comes to gallery walls. I repeat: they are extremely personal.

For this article, I’m going to focus on my favorite tricks for asymmetrical gallery walls. That is, the walls have different types of art and different frame sizes and orientations. They are easier to create, especially if you have been collecting art for years. So that’s a good starting point!

Choosing Art for Gallery Walls
picture taken byBirth of Kyle Smith, Conceived byMichelle GageviaDominoes

Choose your artistic couple

Whether you’re pulling art from your collection or buying primarily new pieces, there are some useful guidelines to follow to ensure your gallery walls have a consistent finish, both in color palette and artistic style.

Once you read my advice on choosing art, if you’re still looking for art, you might just find some.affordable art source here!

Choosing a Gallery Wall Color Palette
Photo of Fiona Murray, designed by Kitty McCall via Design Sponge

Repeat the color at least 2-3 times.If you’re primarily looking for new art for your gallery wall, the easiest way is to choose a color palette and stick to it. But if you’re matching pieces you already have, try repeating the colors on your pieces 2-3 times to tie it all together. That is, not all sections should have the same color or colors as the next, but each should have 1-2 other sections that have the same color or tone as it.

How To Create and Layout a Gallery Wall
Photo by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Change your art style.For a truly vibrant gallery wall, incorporate a variety of art and photography styles. It gives depth to the wall and ensures that each piece can shine and not detract from the other.

Similar to the color rule I mentioned above, I generally like to make sure each art style is represented 2-3 times. Think: three photographs, two abstract paintings, two portraits, and two line drawings.

How To Mix Art Styles in a Gallery Wall
Photo via @sew_sketchy

Combine size and orientation.Gallery walls are often at their best when showcasing pieces of all sizes. Choose 1-3 larger pieces and fill the rest with medium to small size artwork. Also, avoid selecting all vertical tiles or all horizontal tiles. To mix together!

Be personal!I’ll talk about family photos below, but don’t be afraid to include other family moments. Art for children, letters from a loved one, class photos from a great-grandparent.

How To Create A Personal Gallery Wall 
Photo by Emily Henderson

How to include family photos

The biggest question I’ve heard is “How do I put family photos on my gallery wall?” This is understandable, as family photos often have a very different feel and style to the artwork you purchase. Here are my top tips for making it work:

Try black. If you have seamless black and white artwork, black and white with your family photos can tie everything together.

Choose a photo that matches your artistic palette, if you can’t or don’t want to switch to black and white. This can be broader, such as choosing a photo with a warm tone if your work has a warmer tone, or more specific, such as choosing a photo in which a family member is wearing a certain color that you have incorporated elsewhere in your work. .

Mixing Frame Finishes in Gallery Walls
Photo by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Go find some candids!Beautiful family photos look great in a frame like this because your other artwork is freer and less “posed.” But pose photos can work too, just note the color spots above!

Frame them with a wide area rug. Having a wider projection around family photos makes them look more modern and like they’re on the wall instead of a shelf. If you have a 5×7 photo, choose an 11×14 frame or larger to get that significant projection space.

Including Family Photos in a Gallery Wall
Photo via D. Bryant Archie/Corner Compass

Frame multiple photos in a single frame or hang multiple photos side by sidetogether. Create your own work of art by creatively assembling multiple family photos into one frame. Frame multiple strips of family photos side by side, create a grid of iPhone or Polaroid photos, or frame 2-3 photos side by side.

How should I frame my gallery wall art?

The art of framing and composition deserves its own article and I’ll be sure to include it in the future!

Gallery Wall with Mixed Frames
Photo via @ettrumtill

But the most important:Don’t be afraid to mix and match your frame styles or finishes. Three endings is a good rule of thumb. I usually choose: wood (birch or walnut), metal (copper or silver) and neutral (white or black). I also did more, again making sure that at least 2-3 pieces are framed with each type of frame to keep everything in balance.

If you want to do it all at once,try mixing frame styles or widths. It would be much easier to find a black frame to fit all your photos if you weren’t trying to find the exact same narrow black frame in all the sizes you need.

Choosing Art and Frames for a Gallery Wall
Photo by @designaddictmom

Store-bought frames and custom mats are your budget saver. If you can’t find a frame with a mat in the size you need, you can order a custom mat to go with it! Find your local framing or craft store, which has a framing department, and they will be able to create a custom mat for you in your exact measurements. Costs vary by size, but most have mine between $10 and $30, which is much more affordable than custom framing.

Need a big frame on a low budget?Try buying an existing framed piece of art from a budget store (like Target) and throwing it away. Now the back of these are usually glued or stapled, but with a little patience you can remove it and replace it with your own art!

Have more fun with colorful frames in the children’s roomand even try a poster frame to really change it up!

Gallery Walls for Kids Rooms
Photo by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

You can also check mineTutorial on how to create art frames on any budgetfor more guidance and sources for the framework!

3D objects as library wall art

I like to use unframed art or objects to add dimension to the wall and sometimes to fill in the awkward space between two pieces. You can go into your gallery wall, already have a size section you know you want to incorporate, or you can lay out your wall and decide you need something else to break it up or fill it in.

A few size paintings that work great in gallery walls:

  • ceramic wall hanging
  • Luxury Wall Charms
  • embroidery ring
  • Woven Baskets / Bowls
  • shimmer
  • sconces
  • Neon

3D Objects in Gallery Walls

Reminder: Although your framed artwork will cover the nail used to hang it, multi-dimensional pieces will require a hook or nail that you will see. Be sure to take this into account and prepare something that you will be happy to display on your wall.prior toyou go to the hang section and realize that it is not!

I like to use statement wall hooks (Check out coat hooks or towel hooks!) or if the item is small, sometimes I just use a copper nail.

3 methods to arrange the wall of your library

You don’t want to start nailing holes in the wall until you have a plan. There are several ways to plan your gallery wall layout. You can do just one, or a combination, or two or all three which I list below.

You can organize everything digitally, whether you want to work in this format or in person. Or both! In this section, I’ll talk about how to plan your gallery wall, and in the next, I’ll talk about how to lay out your artwork so that the wall looks cohesive and balanced.

You’ll want to read the layouts section below before using any of these methods!

How To Layout A Gallery Wall Digitally


Your gallery wall digital decoration can be very useful if you are planning to buy new pieces for the wall and want to see how they will work and/or fit together. your timeprior toyou buy them. It is a little more technical because it will be necessary to measure and reduce

I use Illustrator to digitally design my library walls because it’s the program I already have and use for work. Otherwise, you can easily do it in a program like Powerpoint, Keynote or Google.

If you just want a rough estimate or to see what things should look like, you can simply drag and drop images of the parts into a document and observe the different sizes and layouts. If you want a more technical understanding, you can do simulations to scale and resize each image accordingly.

How To Layout A Gallery Wall

On the floor

It’s the easiest way to furnish your gallery wall with no cost and no technical skills!

Take a ruler and measure your wall space (height and width), then erase and mark an empty space in the floor of your house of the same size. I usually just put a tape measure at the bottom of the floor space and one on the side, but you can also use books or pillows to mark the four corners of the space!

If you are centering your art around something on the wall that you can’t put on the floor (like an installed TV or a door, you can use painter’s tape to mark the space. Blank for it on the floor Alternatively, you can use scraps of cardboard cut to the same size to do this.

You can see I made this above in the picture with a piece of white foam core to place our TV in the gallery wall.

How To Hang A Gallery Wall with Kraft Paper

On the wall

Although not my favorite method as it is labor intensive, I know everyone works differently and hanging things on the wall can be a great visual choice or necessity for Friend! You’ll want to do thisafterAll of your artwork that needs to be framed is framed.

Measure and cut a piece of Kraft paper (paper bags are great for this) the same size as each of your artwork. Take a roll of paint tape and start defining your composition.

Tips for Laying Out A Gallery Wall
Photo by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

How to present your art

Keep these tips in mind when using any of the above methods to plan your layout. Remember you wanna do thisprior toyou start hammering nails into your wall. You will get the best results if you do it with a plan!

Put your greatest work (or creations) first.Generally, you’ll want to position these anchors off-center rather than directly centered. Then you can start filling in the larger sections with the smaller works and photos you have.

Kids Gallery Wall Ideas
Photo by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Exception to the rule of eccentricity: if you have a work that has no frame, like the neon in the image above, and many different shapes and objects like a work of art, youmaybeusually makes a statement with focus work!

Mix the horizontal and vertical pieces.Unless you’re creating a perfectly symmetrical grid for your gallery wall, you want to make sure you’ve spaced out and varied the directions of your artwork. Avoid having too many parts of the same direction side by side.

Lay out pieces of a similar size, color or artistic style.To keep your eye on the wall, make sure artistic style and artwork with a similar color scheme are not grouped together. Space them all over the wall. If you have several pieces of the same size and placed side by side, youmaybeFrame them side by side and create a small tripod or grid in your gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Layout Ideas
@dabito’s photo

Change your frame to transparent.Just as you’re done with your artwork, make sure your framing styles (which can mean finish or design) are different all over the wall. For example, you don’t want all of your timber frames grouped together. Try not to keep more than two identical frames/finishes next to each other.

Don’t worry about uniform spacing.I like when art isNotEvenly spaced. The change in space also makes it MUCH easier to put together a wall. If you end up with an unintended blank, try adding a size object, like a ceramic wall or an embroidery hoop! On the contrary, do not be afraid to have negative space in the wall.

How to hang a gallery wall

How To Hang A Gallery Wall

I’ll say it again: the reason I preached against making a gallery wall symmetrical is because it makes hanging pictures so much easier. Give yourself a margin of error!

Get someone to help you hang things up if you can.. It makes everything go much faster.

If you haven’t done so yet,lay your art on the floor, the same way you intend to hang it.

There are two ways to start hanging art:Start with the biggest pieceor the piece will anchor to your wall. Ideally, you’ll start somewhere in the middle (not the center) of the area you’re working on. However, if you have a hard line somewhere (like the floor or the top of a closet), consider starting there to avoid running out of space later!

There are a lot of holes to hang the art, but I usually justkeep it simpleand use a pencil to help me mark things. Have one hold the room, while the other approves the location from a distance. Take a photo of your iPhone if you need to, I find it REALLY useful to view it in 2D when making decisions.

How To Create A Gallery Wall
The photo of the Ingalls for Cup of Jo

The person can then come forward andMark where to place the nail or hook(depending on where the hardware is on your chassis) while the other hardware is still holding it.

Cut your anchor to hang the rest of the artwork. Each artwork must be hung next to an existing artwork. DO NOT hang a piece on the left side, then go to the other side of the wall and hang another piece. You might have problems if your measurements aren’t perfect and you don’t have enough space for intermediate measurements!

Choose a “standard” distance that suits you and use it as a starting point, but don’t live and die for it! Some artwork can and will be placed farther away and some will be closer. It doesn’t have to be (and in my opinion shouldn’t be) perfect!

What should my standard space be?It’s yours. If you like a clean, minimalist gallery wall, organize them more. If you prefer a full gallery wall, pull them together.

Spaced Out Gallery Wall
Photo via @jono.fleming

Don’t be afraid of negative space!There may be “gaps” or “holes” in the wall. Resist the urge to fill in every nook and cranny.

As it concernsWhat do you use to hang your art?, which vary by frame, size and weight. Be sure to check the weight of the nail or hook you purchase that can hold and adjust accordingly.

Tips for Renters for Hanging Gallery Walls without Nails
Photo by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

House for rent? Hang a bookcase wall WITHOUT Nails!

The disadvantage of the gallery wall is that you have to drill many holes in the wall. If you’re renting, you can still use nails to hang your artwork, but you’ll probably have to fix them all before you leave.

Also, I’m a huge fan of the Command art hangers. They have a good weight, are easy to hang (much easier than nails in my opinion!) and launch right away!

How To Create A Gallery Wall Guide

I hope these tips give you the confidence to get some of the art (and those family moments!) you collect on the walls! If you would like me to write about another topic regarding gallery walls, let me know in the comments section below!

For art resources for our living room walls, click here!

For art resources for our Kindergarten Gallery Wall, click here!

For our master bedroom wall art resources, click here!




Popular questions about what is a gallery wall

A gallery wall (or salon wall) is loosely defined as a collection of items: framed artwork, photographs and personal treasures hung in a grouping.

Avoid word art and cliche pieces of art. Don’t hang them too high. We typically suggest hanging artwork about five to eight inches above a key piece like a sofa, console or sideboard. Don’t go too small.

8 breakable rules when doing a ‘gallery wall’ in your home
  • Like with like looks great. …
  • Mix up the sizes. …
  • Think about the colours but don’t be a slave to them. …
  • Mock it up first. …
  • Consider going high and wide. …
  • Some of your best walls will be behind your television. …
  • Keep them straight and level. …
  • Hanging can be awkward.

Gallery walls may feel like they’re going out of style in 2020, but when done right, this is actually a very timeless and traditional way to display a collection of artwork.

Gallery walls are also commonly called salon walls, after the French salons that first displayed walls filled floor to ceiling with art.

Each photo should be 16 inches wide. Do the same for the height and crop each of your photos to be exactly the same size.

How many walls should you decorate?

A general rule of thumb is that you can cover 60% of the area with wall decor and must leave 40% of the area blank. This rule applies even when you are hanging a piece of painting or a cluster of frames behind your sofa. The size of your painting should be around 60% of the width of the sofa.

But much like other tried-and-true trends—like white subway tiles and farmhouse sinks—there’s also a reason why the look of a gallery wall has yet to fade in popularity. Put simply, it looks good. All it takes is a new angle to make it fresh.

Here’s our take: If your gallery wall will hang above a piece of furniture, plan for the bottom of your lowest frame to hang 7-10 inches above the top of your furniture. If your gallery wall is hanging on an empty wall, aim for the center of your whole arrangement to hang about 57 inches above the floor.

How to Decorate Around a TV:
  1. Use the Same Style Frames in Your TV Gallery Wall. Using frames that are the same color and style, ensures the TV gallery wall look is cohesive. …
  2. Aim for Lighter Colors to Make the TV the Focus. …
  3. Aim for Symmetry and Balance on the TV Wall. …
  4. Use Shelving or Built-Ins to House Your TV.

Modern artists experimented with new ways of seeing, and gallery spaces were adapted to suit the new ideas and materials being explored. White was considered to be an effective means of creating a “pure” space; a void-like atmosphere, in which art could be experienced without superfluous distractions.

That’s part of the beauty of custom framing. So if you want your gallery wall in a grid pattern or totally asymmetrical, your frames to be uniform in style, size, and color or a mix and match display, whatever you think looks good for your space, we say go for it! There are no real rules.

Mix and Match Frames

“In my personal home, a 16th-century Saint Peter in an original Peruvian wood frame is opposite two Günther Förg black-and-white lithographs in wood gallery frames. There simply are no rules.”

Mix artwork and paintings for a unique gallery wall

If you have a collection of much-loved art, family photos or favorite postcards, grouping them together in a gallery wall creates an authentic and bespoke display. If symmetry is your thing, measure them carefully before hanging to get even spacing.

Gallery Frame

Gallery frames use a mat to create an elevated frame-in-frame effect that you might often see in a museum photography installation. Our real hardwood Gallery Frames bring this same aesthetic, plus a touch of mid-century modern design, to any room in your home.

Video tutorials about what is a gallery wall

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Today we’re talking all about gallery walls! Learn how to plan a gallery wall, where to find art \u0026 frames, and tips for making it look like a million bucks! For even more tips visit my blog post:


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How to plan a gallery wall:

Step 1: Pick the spot for your gallery wall.

Step 2: Pick a color scheme \u0026 vibe.

Step 3: Draft the gallery wall.

Step 4: Source your artwork.

Step 5: Curate the artwork.

Step 6: Select the frames \u0026 mat size.

Step 7: Hang the gallery wall.

Favorite sources for artwork:

• Fox Hollow Studio (cowboy print) –


• Pulp Print Shop

• Diana Brambila (amazing original pieces) –


• Museum Quality Art

• Vintage Supply

• BFF Print Shop

• Juniper Print Shop

• Etsy

• McGee \u0026 Co

• Flea Markets

• Deb Presutto (original pieces)

• Jess Blazejewski (original pieces)

Where to fine frames for gallery walls?

• 1.x – best oversized wood

• Desenio – best variety

• ikea – most inexpensive

• West Elm – best vintage inspired version

• Thrift Stores \u0026 Flea Markets – best for vintage frames

• Custom frame shops like Simply Framed or Frame Bridge (a bit overpriced IMO, but easy if you don’t have time to DIY)

• Craft supply stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby

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We break down the steps to hang a photo gallery wall (but it could be used for art too!) It takes a little mathing but anyone can do it. We also explain our reasoning behind the steps and tips.

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Clouds by Joakim Karud


We have a lot of art so we’ve done several gallery walls around the house. This technique would work great for photo galleries too. We like to do arrangements that are either aligned on the top, bottom, or middle, but even if you like more organic arrangements you can still use some of the tips and tricks here to plan your gallery.

We like laying everything out on the ground in a space the same size of the wall, that way you can see how all the art pieces or photos go together. Then we create a cheat sheet for ourselves with all the measurements – measuring specifically where we need to nail holes in the wall. You take into account where the hanging hooks are in relation to the edge of the frame and how much space you want between the frames.

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In this video, I go over my do’s and don’ts of gallery walls! Gallery walls can be very tricky because on one hand they can look overcrowded, messy, busy and a hot mess, on the other hand they can look bare, disjointed from the space and confusing. So in the video I give you the do’s and don’ts so you can design a beautiful gallery wall.

⏱ Timestamps:

00:00 – Gallery Wall Do’s and Don’ts

00:42 – Do plan your wall

01:17 – Don’t make it up as you go

01:55 – Do consider size, shape and scale

03:10 – Don’t overcrowd the gallery wall

05:05 – Do tie the room together with the gallery wall

07:28 – Don’t hang the gallery wall to high

08:25 – Do consider adding textures and other art

09:25 – Don’t add a lot of generic art

10:52 – Do show your personality

11:36 – Final Thoughts

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